Do you know what Chinese balls are? we tell you everything

One of the things that was recommended to me when I gave birth is that after quarantine I should buy a pelvic floor exerciser, some Chinese balls, to restore the muscle tone that is lost after facing a pregnancy and subsequent childbirth. They told me that there were several sizes and to choose the medium size. And so I did, although I have to say that in the end I left it forgotten at the bottom of the drawer. Our collaborator Elena comes to talk about all this and helps us and advises us to take care of our pelvic floor.

It’s time to end the consultation, after taking the history and explain the protocol to follow to improve her symptoms, the lady asks me timidly as well as skeptically: “Elena, what is true about Chinese balls? Is it true that they will remove my incontinence? Do they help strengthen the pelvic floor?but I had understood that they were to give pleasure, right?

“It is that my friend María (lifelong friend and highly educated person in the matter) has advised me to solve my incontinence problem, she has told me that they are very good, that all her co-workers use them and have a perineum of iron”. And of course, she has sold them so well that the poor woman (who doesn’t even know how to insert a tampon) he can already see himself on the street with his Chinese balls ondying of shame thinking that the butcher or the neighbor of the fifth could realize such audacity.

After listening carefully, I explain what is true in all this and what is the best way to use them, since like everything (or almost everything in life) it has its pros and cons.

The chinese balls or geisha ballsthey are nothing more than two balls (usually silicone) tied together by a rope, and inside which they have another ball with a variable weight.

The history and origin of Chinese balls or geisha balls varies according to their location. I am left with a legend that was told to me in one of my formations. This said that the geishas in the eighteenth century already used them after childbirth to strengthen the perineal muscles. Apparently they inserted them inside the vagina when they were close to the man; and by contracting and relaxing the perineal muscles, they made the balls collide with each other, emitting a more or less melodic sound depending on the intensity and rhythm of the contractions. That celestial music would reach the ears of man, and he would decide which of them would be the most suitable for that love art.

Well, once this legend has been told, let’s focus on reality.

chinese balls it is true that they help strengthen the perineal musclesspecifically to enhance foundation tone (state of minimal muscle contraction at rest). This is achieved on the one hand, by the reflex contraction that the pelvic floor performs to prevent the balls from falling out of the vagina and out; and on the other hand, by the vibration that is transmitted to the vagina when the little balls that are inside the larger ball collide with its walls.

But, can everyone use them? Yes, but following certain premises.

The first thing to go to a professional who performs a assessment of the condition of the perineum. You have to have a good muscle tone and make sure that the malamadre knows how to contract and relax the muscles properly.

It’s very important discard that the patient presents some type of adherence, wound, injury in the vagina, etc; since these more than help, could aggravate the problem. Therefore, the situation must be resolved before considering its use.

You also have to know choose size of the balls depending on the caliber of the vagina, and thus prevent them from falling out if they are very small, or causing an injury if they are too large.

Another very important point to keep in mind is the person’s wish for wanting to use them, since it seems that now it is fashionable and everyone has to use them to get a good perineum. Well no, there are other ways of working that are as effective as balls and that do not create any ethical or moral conflict for the malamadre.

Us, sometimes we recommend them as another work tool within a perineal re-education program, specifically in the final phase when we already have a perineum with a suitable tone to keep the balls inside the vagina without falling out.

I also wanted to emphasize that there are many people who advise (sometimes even professionals) to use Ben Wa balls just after giving birth (in the recent postpartum period), when the vagina is distended and the perineum is completely weakened.

What is the point of this? Is it that we want to help contribute to the famous postpartum depression when the malamadre sees that immediately after inserting them, they come out of the vagina, like a chicken laying eggs? Is it necessary to make us go through this ridiculous and embarrassing trance? The answer is no.

My conclusion is the following:

Before using Chinese balls you should always consult a professional (if possible gynecologist or physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor). chinese balls help strengthen the pelvic floorbut they do not correct pathologies such as incontinence, prolapses, etc., since for that we need a more complete reeducation program.

And as for the question of whether they give pleasure… Let each one draw their own conclusions.

And you bad mothers, do you use Chinese balls? What is your experience? If you have any doubt Elena will solve it.

If you want to get in touch with Elena you have all her information on her website www.elenavaliente.comfor now you will only find the home page but soon you will have a page with very complete information that we hope will help you,

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Do you know what Chinese balls are? we tell you everything

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