Do you have trouble maintaining an erection? Enter here and discover more information about it

The trouble maintaining an erection they can seem like something mysterious with a life of their own. But it is not like that, everything has a reasonable explanation. When it does not develop as we would like it, it causes frustration and can end up having an impact on our self-esteem. In fact, it is increasingly common for men of all ages to suffer problems maintaining an erection.

The way we live, eat and interact is full of external factors that interfere with our overall health. The problem has two aspects: psychological or physiological, although it is common that they are combined.

In this article you can learn more about it and the steps you must take to get out of such an unpleasant situation. Enjoy reading!

Are the problems maintaining an erection in my head?

The most possible is that no. Most cases of erectile dysfunction originate from a physical cause to which are added emotional problems derived from the situation.

On the contrary, if you suffer from a mental health disorder and have begun to suffer it, it may be due to this problem. It is convenient to receive a reliable diagnosis to put the focus where it is needed. Clarifying will help us lose less time, because the mind plays an important role in the entire recovery process, so receiving therapeutic support is timely.

Physical origins

A damaged vascular or nervous system are common sources. Any condition that causes problems in these may interfere with the quality of our erections.

In this framework we find:

  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Coronary heart disease.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Kidney diseases
  • Atherosclerosis

After analyzing different studies, it was concluded that lMen with diabetes have a 50% prevalence of having problems maintaining an erection. Apart from the relationship with the nervous system, hormonal imbalances of testosterone, cancer treatments and other medications can also play a role.

How are lifestyle and erection problems related?

In such a deep subject in which everything is correlated, it is vital to understand the importance of our lifestyle habits.

A sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and stress can be modified in order to avoid making the situation worse.

It all starts with food

A poor diet affects our energy and health levels.

An excess of foods with excess of saturated fats can raise the LDL or “bad cholesterol” which has serious repercussions on the heart and blood vessels. In addition, unbalanced diets with a lack of micronutrients impact our mental health by unbalancing some neurotransmitters.

Choose to consume lean meats, fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, whole grains and of course, vegetables, legumes and vegetables.

Avoid ultra-processed and hydrogenated fats, we are sure they will favor you. Your doctor will be able to give you specific recommendations once in consultation.

Nothing like exercising and keeping stress away

The sport can benefit you in two ways regarding problems maintaining an erection. On the one hand, when you perform regular and regular physical activity, you notice an improvement in brain chemistry due to the secretion of natural opioids.

If our mental health improves, so does our way of coping with impotence. It is proven that practicing sports prevents cardiovascular problems, which are directly related to erectile dysfunction.

To get rid of the stress of day to day, you have a multitude of options, from yoga, meditation, mindfulness among others. These practices aim to reduce anxiety and improve a person’s health and well-being.


When going through a situation like this it is logical to feel confused and frustrated.

Choose an expert men’s health clinic, like Boston Medical Group, which adapts to the circumstances of each of your patients. With daily work you will see favorable results.

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Article validated by Juan Manuel Martinez Preciado, Surgeon with a Master’s degree in Clinical Sexology, member of the Boston Medical Group international medical management group.

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Do you have trouble maintaining an erection? Enter here and discover more information about it

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