On Saturday, April 9, I gave a talk aimed at families and professionals about «How to accompany the sexuality of girls and boys from 0 to 6 years old». One of the participants, a P5 teacher, asked:

Do you think it is appropriate to name the clitoris for 5-year-old girls and boys? Will families be on me? Is it better not to name this body part for girls until later? Is it up to me to name it or to the families?

The opinions collected in Facebook on this subject, I recover them on the web so that you can read how interesting they were.

«I believe that the clitoris is a part of the woman’s body that I hope we discover at the age of 5, that talking about it is healthy, that the naturalness with which each one expresses it is what each child receives, that you have to feel comfortable talking about it and if not, understand your reasons… I don’t think there is a rule to see who speaks first about some topics or others, I think that in that the boys and girls are the ones who set the tone and if the family accompanies it is wonderful”. P.S.G

«I understand that fear of naming the clitoris in the classroom because of what families and/or other teachers may think or tell us, but we have to stop neglecting that part of our body that gives us so much joy since we were girls. I think you have to name the clitoris, of course! and talk to the children of pleasure and address sexuality from a broader perspective, not only reproductive. I know it’s not easy and sometimes I’m scared or embarrassed, but I don’t know, we owe it to the girls, right?» AT

«I am very afraid that there we have to juggle between families (that sometimes we do not know how they are going to react), our modesty and the subject we teach (in the case of secondary). But it is true that when a 12-year-old girl asks you things like “what is an orgasm?” You have to have clear and sure answers. Even more so when they tell you that they don’t talk about these things with their families because they feel uncomfortable and because they already know everything!! In short, how much to do!” P.S

“I’m a teacher. I think you have to name the clitoris. Things that have no name do not exist. Too many women have lived with that anguish of not knowing in which body they inhabited or what things were happening to them. My mother when she menstruated for the first time she believed that she was dying.

She did tell me that it was the period, but she has never been able to name that word, the clitoris. I wonder if she knows she has one and I don’t dare ask her. Previous generations, and even my generation (I’m in my thirties), have been dragging this censorship, this pain, this dissatisfaction, this blockage, which affects both women and men. Now, today, when they ask us things, whether at 5, 7 or 4, it is then time for us to give the new generations the opportunity to grow up healthy and free and for that we have to call things by their name . SL

“Yes Yes!! It has to be named, but I understand the ‘fear’ that can arise when she is an educator… because of her parents basically. In my opinion, it should be named and especially when the occasion arises. Be attentive to the curiosity that arises from them. I quite agree with the written opinions and I think they all go in the same direction: to make visible». P.M

«Afraid, I’m afraid, afraid of loving you, afraid, I’m afraid, afraid of losing you. I dedicate this song to the clitoris, that great hedonist, which exists exclusively to provide women with pleasure, the one that dismantles sexuality = procreate, of course it’s scary, because it’s a revolutionary, that’s why they remove it, that’s why they silence it, Dead and quiet, it is not going to be that women are uncontrolled sexual and not pure virgins disconnected from pleasure, from desire and the patriarchy runs out of bargains. In the Middle Ages, many women were burned at the stake because her clitoris was a little bigger or the husband’s “stupid” discovered it, saying that it was from witches possessed by the devil. Gunter you are right, we are in 2016, I hope that both parents and educators call him by his name without being burned at the stake. A.M

“How not to name it? I understand the fear of educators… But perhaps it is important to sit down and talk about the reason for that fear. Is naming the clitoris a task for families or for schools? FROM BOTH!!! Girls do not leave their clitoris at home. What I want to say is that this fear of scandalizing seems to me to be rooted in the rest of the sexist violence that frightens girls, mothers and fathers, generating notions of the female body as something “extravagant” and “uncomfortable to name” or at least not as easy to name as PENIS. For example…. I encourage professionals to name the clitoris with their fear of reactions and from there, if there were scandalous reactions, assume them with the same naturalness with which they named the clitoris… It is part of what it means to live in 2016″. G.D

“Of course. The issue is the way it is named, and not just focusing on the clitoris, but the entire vulva as a whole. They must know their body to understand each other and avoid possible damage. MG

«Yes, it must be named because what is not named does not exist». S.G

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