Do it to me with desire, do it to me with clothes

In my eagerness to see you naked, I have always thought of clothing as a barrier.

The one that stands between the food that I already consider to be your skin every time I put it in my mouth.


For that reason, unwrapping is a little pleasure.

A game that I consider I have won when I see that the garments have been scattered on the floor. overdue.

They form a multicolored and varied carpet where they end from the coat to the last of the socks.

But also scrunchies, condom wrappers and the bottle of lubricant that we could not find because it had fallen to the ground.

Until recently, I had a hard time understanding that go dresses It could be part of the equation and help us enjoy ourselves in a different way.

Specifically, until a “Don’t take off your dress” it slipped, whispering, into her ear.

Roll the garment up to the navel It reminded me every time my eyes got tangled in the fabric, that the desire was so urgent that they did not allow themselves the luxury of stopping for a second that would not get us wet.

So you have achieved an impossible: that now I see clothing as an ally of our most intimate stories.

And be our accomplice when in public transport my hand slips away and ends up inside your underwear.

Looking for how to make the Metro ride faster than ever.

It is the jacket that covers my back when going out to the terrace of the room at dawn.

When you follow me, even if it was already cold.

You pick it up from behind while I look at the stars and I keep it on while you put me and a thousand.

The new meaning of the cloth is that it has passed from being a nuisance to a collaborator.

We find such practical uses for it every day. And there is no better practice than to use it as a grip when you lower the neckline of my shirt because you want to let me see my boobs.

But also to hold me tight, unable to leave when you enter me.

I did not know that my pants would not be left over because you make them feel as thin as medium with your fingertips or your tongue.

Because there is nothing more exciting than taking advantage of the elevator ride, to go up to my house, that do the same with the skirt.

Before it had a drawer with lingerie to turn us on. Is now the whole closet the one that turns us on.

Duchess Doslabios.

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Do it to me with desire, do it to me with clothes

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