Disney + opens up openly to sex, politics or punk music

The king of entertainment for children and adolescents, Disney, throws himself openly into the world of adult films, with “Sextape”, about actress Pamela Anderson, or with the birth of punk music in Great Britain.

Disney already warned at the end of 2020: for its video-on-demand platform, the magic castle company wanted to expand its loyal fan base.

Throughout its century-old history, Disney has “already captured as many consumers as it could,” explains Richard Cooper, director of research at think tank Ampere Analysis.

“Pam and Tommy” is a “biopic”, or filmed biography, which recounts the famous theft of a tape with strong erotic content, the one filmed on their wedding night by the American actress Pamela Anderson and the drummer of the Mötley Crüe group, Tommy Lee.

His leak caused a scandal in the 1990s.

– More productions outside the US –

The ambition of the Disney group is to achieve between 230 and 260 million subscribers by 2024.

In just two years since its launch, Disney+ has managed to position itself in the trio that dominates broadcast platforms, with 130 million subscribers in 60 countries, behind Amazon Prime Video (more than 175 million in more than 200 countries and territories). and the pioneer Netflix (about 222 million in more than 190 countries).

Its catalog is gigantic, and ranges from the Star Wars universe to Marvel, going through the Pixar, FX, National Geographic or 20th Century Fox background.

The US market is saturated, so Disney has to follow in Netflix’s footsteps, shooting 340 original shows outside the US over the next two years, of which 60 will be series produced in Europe.

– “Brand activism”-

“The volume of local content (…) is quite high and easily accessible” in Europe, which allows Disney to “carefully choose” its local productions, explains Richard Cooper to AFP.

For example, a miniseries in France about the death of an Algerian student at the hands of the police in 1986, or the Italian series “The Ignorant Angels”, available since April, about a woman who discovers after her husband’s death that she had a lover.

The “Pistol” series, adapted by Danny Boyle (“Trainspotting”, “Slumdog millionaire”) is inspired by the memoir of the guitarist of the British punk group “Sex Pistols”, and will be released at the end of May.

In Germany it will be the turn of “Sam, a saxon”, which explains the rise and then the fall of the first black police officer in East Germany.

In Latin America, Disney Latino has been operating as a channel since 2000. For June, it announces the premiere of ” Siempre fue yo”, a Colombian series.

“Disney is developing a discourse that is increasingly committed to issues related to inclusion and diversity,” Louis Wiart, professor of communication at the Free University of Brussels, explains to AFP.

Although that policy has its risks: Disney positioned itself in Florida against a law recently approved by the local Congress, dominated by Republicans, that prohibits the teaching of issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity in elementary schools.

This in turn provoked the retaliation of the governor, Ron DeSantis, who eliminated the statute that allows the entertainment giant to act as a local government in the area where it installed its amusement park in Orlando.


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Disney + opens up openly to sex, politics or punk music