Director would have forced employees to deny abuse

The representative of Public ministry confirmed to Monumental 1080 AM that the note was located in the director’s office, during the last raid carried out on Sunday.

“This note is dated April 27 and, indeed, it was signed on May 5. Guards and cleaning personnel had to sign a note stating that they did not see anything,” said the prosecutor.

The document was signed after the case of the sexual abuse came to light and mobilized the parents, who questioned the actions of the authorities of the educational institution.

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Likewise, the prosecutor commented that some seven objects were found in the courtyard of the institution that were carried by the child victim, as part of the harassment that he had previously suffered and that was reported by the mother a month before the abuse.

The director of the educational center, a coordinator and another teacher were prosecuted for the case of sexual abuse of a six-year-old boy. The three will now be kept in preventive detention in the prison of the Good Shepherd by order of the Court.

The Public Ministry presumes that the authorities of the institution tried to hide the evidence referring to the abuse and did not comply with their obligation to report the fact to the institutions for the defense of children.

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The case

The abuse would have occurred on April 26, but the educational institution ignored the protocols, so the family filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office. The victim’s mother assured that she sought to cover up the case.

According to the complaint of the parents of students at the school, the alleged perpetrator would be a 15-year-old student, who would have had the complicity of two other adolescents. The Prosecutor’s Office reported this Saturday that two of the alleged aggressors have already been identified.

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The names of the school and those involved are omitted in compliance with article 29 of the Code for Children and Adolescents, which prohibits the publication of data that allows the identification of children in vulnerable situations.

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Director would have forced employees to deny abuse