Did you know that you can travel alone or with a woman when you board a bus?

Imagine that you will travel in bus and you discover that there is a program called “Traveller Companion”, a service with which you could avoid bullying sexual and gender violence by choosing your seat next to another woman.

However, there is one detail: the service has an additional cost.

the bus line ADO It has an accompaniment program where passengers can decide if they want to feel safe from gender violence in the country while traveling alone.

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The company launched the “Traveller Companion” program at the beginning of 2019, with the aim of offering “maximum comfort and safety” to its passengers, as explained ADO on its official page.

“Girls I don’t know if some of you already knew, but today I traveled in ADO and for $25.00 more they give you the option that your travel companion be only women and if you don’t have a companion you go alone, I don’t understand why until now I found out”, Twitter user @TanialLanda wrote.

This testimony has opened a discussion on social networks. Some users They have considered that charging because a woman decides to travel alone or in the company of another woman is an acceptable mechanism because it is a company that offers a service from travels.

Should women’s safety come at a cost?

Others users They have considered that the only thing that the company has achieved is to take advantage of the vulnerability that a woman could feel due to the idea of to travel alone and monetize her fear of being attacked.

“What I don’t understand is that they charge for that. It’s a ‘tax’ for being a woman. They could assign the seat for free, but they want to economically exploit the fear of women,” argued a user. “To travel safe and responsibility of @tuADO should not charge, it only monetizes fear,” explained another user.

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Almost 8 out of 10 women feel unsafe on public transport, which currently represents a risk factor for women. At the national level in Mexico, the INEGI estimates that, in 2021, 24.7% of women suffered bullying sexual, compared to men where it is estimated that 6.9% have suffered.

According to the 2021 National Urban Public Safety Survey, 76.2% of women feel unsafe on public transportation.

like some users reported in the thread Twitterin their travels by road in bus have been victims of abuse. For now, ADO is the only company that offers this service.

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Did you know that you can travel alone or with a woman when you board a bus?