Dedicated to the impossible loves of my life

We assume -better or worse- the ruptures, the separations, the end point of the relationship and the end of a love storythe list of sentimental essays that, for a time, were successful.

But there is something worse than loving and having failed halfway through the attempt, not have given him a chance.


Today, February 16, is the day to pay tribute to them, to the stories that never agreed in the space-time loop, in the time slot, in the country or at the moment.

The stories that still not happening, they hurtbecause they had all the potential to do it: the chemistry, the desire and the protagonists, but they lacked the rest of the elements that set them in motion.

We are our failures in love because they speak of us and what we have experienced. they remind us How and how much we have loved.

But we are also the times when feelings were born without materializing on the skin of another person.

I’m talking about that platonic love from the gym that you always looked at from afar, the classmate you keep track of on networks and you never knew how to break the ice to ask her out.

Person eternally paired who never seems to be single, despite the fact that you have promised yourself several times that, the next time she is not with anyone, you will take her on a date.

Or who you had always wanted to meet, but it was you who always had a partner and it didn’t happen either. the occasion that you coincided.

I speak of summer love that expired on August 31 of which you could not forget years later (who knows why).

Or that crush on the Madrid subway when, before getting off, he smiled at you with his eyes. Also the one that seems to always have emotional inaccessibility and he did not allow himself to open the door to what might happen.

It is the story of friend of your ex which you have always secretly been curious about and is vetoed as a matter of principle.

Who is wrong to dry. It is the mother of José del Canto del Loco and Carolina de M-Clanbecause he is a minor.

Or the one who always says “no” because it doesn’t correspond to you, that only happened in your head, because he was never interested in you in that sense. Who left you in read and never wrote again.

The story of who made you match on Tinder, he stole your nights by filling them with conversation and then stood you up. Who had another orientation sexual.

It’s that guy you discovered on Instagram. Who did not want to get wet because he said that it was too complicated for being co-workers (and maybe it was).

They are all the stories that we have nailed, the ones that we dreamed they were reality -because from our heart they were- and we live them as such.

The “I want” that received a “I can’t”.

Or, at least, that they cannot be at the moment.

Mara Mariño.

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Dedicated to the impossible loves of my life

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