Debanhi was sexually abused and murdered, reveals second autopsy

The second forensic report on the death of Debanhi Escobar, reported missing on April 9 and found lifeless inside a hotel cistern in the Mexican state of Nuevo León after 13 days, revealed that the 18-year-old girl was the victim of sexual abuse and was murdered.

A report from the newspaper El País, which had access to the second forensic report, points out that the opinion, which reviews the first official autopsy, rules out the hypothesis of a possible accident involving the young woman, a line of investigation that the Attorney General’s Office has followed. state of Nuevo Leon.

The second report, requested by the family, indicates that Debanhi was hit several times with a “blunt agent in the head” and died before reaching the tank.

“It is a violent homicidal death,” said the report, which also indicates that the young woman’s body presented “traces of a violent sexual relationship.”

On April 27, the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the Specialized Prosecutor for Disappeared Persons and the Anti-Kidnapping Prosecutor, who were leading the case for serious “omissions and errors” in the investigation.

The removal was due to the fact that the search groups investigating the case reviewed the hotel up to four times, the same in which they did not find the body, which was finally located inside the cistern located in the patio of the building.

At the conference that day, the Prosecutor’s Office showed some videos to the media that began after the last photograph taken by the taxi driver, at 4:26 in the morning, who was transferring Debanhi and leaving her on the Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo highway. .

In the videos, the young woman is observed going to a trucking company and it is not appreciated that she enters the premises. Minutes later, she goes to the Castilla hotel where the young woman walks through the patio of the place, and according to the prosecutors she went “to the area of ​​the cistern”, where her body was located.

That day the prosecution reiterated that the cause of death of the young woman was the product of a “deep skull contusion”, an impact that the autopsy located on the forehead.

Despite this, prosecutor Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero reiterated that “no line of investigation is ruled out, including a murder by organized crime.”

However, one of the lines of investigation is that Debanhi accidentally fell into the hotel cistern, since the videos do not show that anyone was following her or was with her.

Meanwhile, the young woman’s father, Mario Escobar, faced with suspicions of sexual abuse and in rejection of the versions of the State Prosecutor’s Office, commissioned a second autopsy on his own.

Debanhi’s case has caused a stir in Mexico, a country in which, on average, more than 10 women are murdered every day and in 2021 there were more than 1,000 femicides, gender-based crimes.

So far this year, the state of Nuevo León has registered a wave of disappearances with at least thirty women still unaccounted for.

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Debanhi was sexually abused and murdered, reveals second autopsy