Debanhi was murdered and sexually abused, reveals second autopsy; her dad, offended by leak

“I feel very offended,” said the father of Debanhi EscobarMario Escobar Salazar, before the leak to some media outlets of the autopsy requested by the family, which indicates that the 18-year-old girl was murdered and suffered sexual abuse before she died.

Through his YouTube channel, Mario Escobar confirmed the result of the second autopsy that proves him right in what he has claimed since the first day of Debanhi’s disappearance: “They killed her, it confirms that the New State Prosecutor’s Office Leon is involved in this.

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Likewise, he said that “the process of the Prosecutor’s Office consisted of four pages where they lacked a lot of information; the prosecutor recognized, because I know it, that his autopsy is a dump, without studies such as a possible femicide, or expert studies of viscera, of blood, toxicological and expert tests related to a serious autopsy study of my daughter’s body”.

I want the truth and if more people have to fall into that truth, let them fall

He said he was disappointed for having trusted this dependency: “That’s why they don’t believe them because they are corrupt” and urged that a purge be done in the Prosecutor’s Office for having leaked the information.

“They have already taken my daughter from me, they have already murdered her, they have already killed her, they are already hiding videos from me, I no longer trust the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office,” he said.

After regretting that due process had not been respected in the case of his daughter, Don Mario accused that the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office had leaked the report to the journalist Azucena Uresti and to the newspaper El País.

“We express deep sadness for what is happening in this country, how the media is handled, how the Nuevo León State Prosecutor’s Office is handled,” he said.

Mario Escobar reported that this Friday he will meet with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who will tour the entity.

Debanhi was sexually abused before she died: autopsy

Given the hypothesis of the Prosecutor’s Office that Debanhi died from an accident when he fell into a cistern and the many loose ends, Debanhi’s parents requested a second autopsy on April 25, which they delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office on May 2.

The second autopsy reveals that “it is a violent homicidal death”, since Debanhi’s body presented “traces of a violent and recent vaginal sexual intercourse”, in addition that “she was hit several times with a blunt agent” on the head, not with a sharp weapon, and he died before reaching the cistern, that is, his body was thrown into the water.

“He was already lifeless at the time of entering the water of the place where the body was found”, it is added.

To reinforce this theory, the necropsy reveals that he did not have any other fractures or injuries, apart from those of the head

The autopsies agree on the cause of death: deep blow to the head. However, the second result points out that Debanhi had more injuries to his head and not just one.

“Violaceous ecchymoses on both sides of the frontal region of the skull, on the right and left eyelids, on the left side of the nose, on both lips, above the right ear and the right retroauricular region”, it is indicated.

Death by suffocation or strangulation is also ruled out because they did not find injuries to the neck, carotids, or the hyoid bone.

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Debanhi was murdered and sexually abused, reveals second autopsy; her dad, offended by leak