Dady Brieva’s crude account of the sexual abuse scene he recorded with Thelma Fardin: “It affected me”

Dady Brieva told details of the sexual abuse scene he recorded with Thelma Fardin (Video: “It’s out there”, America)

Dady Brieva He undoubtedly has an extensive career in acting. However, in the series black and white revealed He had to interpret a character so difficult that it was not just “one more” in his career. is that the former Midachi he had to face the arduous task of embodying a teacher who rapes a student. Her cast partner, moreover, was Thelma Fardinwhich is still on trial with Juan Darthes after accusing him of sexual abuse when she was a minor. Therefore, it was inevitable that many emotions would mix during the shoot.

“This chapter specifically was very difficult. directs it Faith Palace and there are 70 actors in a number of episodes that have to do with diversity issues and that kind of thing. In this specific chapter, I am Thelma’s abuser and I start sweating just remembering it”began by recounting the formerMidachi in It’s over there (America). And he detailed: “It was very strong. Thelma lent herself and we all lent her, but it was very difficult. Besides, I don’t think about when I’m going to do things, I try to do my best, but I didn’t think it would affect me that much. I can’t imagine what must have affected Thelma. They were very hard moments, very strong, that the director handled very well. He had to get through that.”

In that sense, he said that they were able to have a talk before recording the scene. “She calmed me down more. I do not do well to say it, but in the end she makes a statement that she says it to me, that apparently she would not have the possibility of doing it with the person who passed by, so I complied as that place”, he said in reference to the former Ugly Duckling He could never be face to face with Darthés, because the trial takes place in Brazil and is virtual.

After giving battle, the actress achieved a historic decision by the Brazilian justice and the trial against Juan Darthés will resume

“It was very strong and I did not want to do it, because of all the quilombos that there are in the networks with these things. But La Chipi convinced me because she told me that men never show up when things like this happen. Women always appear denouncing. Some denounce, others continue with that old stigma of being afraid of losing their job, or not being a fan of balls. It is good that the man appears leading a story that has to be made more visible so that it is not left alone in the memory. It was very difficult to put the body and the voice, it would have been easier to do something else “.

At that moment, Juliet Prandi He asked her if she thinks this scene could have helped Thelma personally. “Catharsis was safe, but I don’t know if it did him any good. She is like above everything, she copes very well. She calls my attention a lot because she is very stupid. I even told him, ‘think that in ten years you can win an Oscar and if people don’t remember you for a job, they will remember you for what happened with Darthés’ ”.

Lastly, he revealed what happened when they finished filming. “I left the scene bad. But then there was a hug, a kiss. We had talked a lot before doing it, about what was going to happen. Think that she was able to file a complaint after ten years. I don’t know much about the subject and I don’t want to get into a ruckus, but there is like a legal structure where the mine is exposed again. And again you have to tell everything, the networks where everyone has an opinion and you say ‘the c… of her mother’. And again do the tests in Brazil”.

If you suffer gender-based violence or know a victim, call 144: it’s free and it’s open 24 hours a day.


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Dady Brieva’s crude account of the sexual abuse scene he recorded with Thelma Fardin: “It affected me”