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On several occasions we have already talked about one of the most frequent concerns in women and, especially, in summer: CYSTITIS or URINE INFECTION. Because, although it is not a sexually transmitted infection in itself, it does have a great relationship with our intimacy, our leisure and our sexual relationships.

If you want to know it in depth, this is the place! Also, you will find more information in my old post Cystitis and sexual intercourse How to prevent? – Sexperimentando We are going to answer some common questions about urine infections:

  • «What Causes Cystitis? I want to know its cause because I must be doing something wrong, it can’t be taken away from me »

  • «My doctor has told me that I suffer from postcoital cystitis. What is it? What if I have relationships with cystitis

  • «In summer I have recurrent urine infection, what should I do to avoid it? Does it have a cure?«

Let’s go there! First of all, What is cystitis?

It is an infection that begins in the urethra and is caused by bacteria. Like any infection, if it is not treated it will tend to escalate until it becomes serious (and very painful). The chances of this infection appearing increase with poor hygiene, sexual intercourse and humidity… .but there are more factors at play.

What to do to prevent cystitis? I tell you a lot more in my video of the week but, for now, you can take these ideas:

  1. Drink plenty of water since urinating frequently (and not holding back) helps to keep the area clean and healthy.
  2. Urinating also helps to wash away bacteria that can harm us, which is why it is essential to do so after sexual intercourse.
  3. Good hygiene is important. Eye! Good is not the same as excessive, that’s why I leave you this tutorial on how to maintain proper intimate feminine hygiene.
  4. Reduce the use of pads, tampons, and intimate soaps. Instead, it is better to use a menstrual cup during your period as it will help you to be healthier and prevent infections. By the way, you can take a look at menstrual cups in my online store.
  5. An important trick is to always wipe from front to back and not the other way around, to avoid the displacement of bacteria.
  6. A good diet is essential, as well as reducing tobacco and alcohol. In general, taking care of your health will make your immune system stronger against any bacteria or virus.
  7. The American cranberry is usually a common trick and, in addition to being healthy, it is great for preventing urine infection.
  8. Be careful with the clothes you use, make sure they are breathable and do not keep your swimsuit wet. If you can sleep naked, much better, here I tell you!
  9. It is common for cystitis to be confused with vaginitis, it is important to see the difference well and take the appropriate treatment. Always better to take probiotics than antibiotics.
  10. Finally, use a condom in your sexual relations to prevent infections!

Now if I tell you everything more detailed and complete in my video of the week. I hope it is very useful to you and that you share it with all your friends, it will be interesting for all of us!

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CYSTITIS How to prevent URINE INFECTION? | Sexperimenting

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