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Various studies have published that there are more and more couples without sex. That is, a relationship like any other, but without having sexual encounters.

This does not have to mean that this lack of sex is caused by the existence of problems in the couple. On some occasions, maintaining a relationship without sex may be due to some problem or sexual dysfunction whereby both partners or one of the two avoid having sexual relations. However, there are also couples who freely choose a relationship without sexual acts.

The most important thing, and what we will talk about next, is that there is a consensus in the couple and both members agree to have a relationship of this type. If not, problems and conflicts may appear as a couple that end up greatly affecting the relationship. In the event that these appear, the most advisable thing is to go to a specialist. At the Madrid Institute of Sexology we have professionals in couple therapy that can help you learn to deal with these types of situations and solve them.

The main thing and the key for a sexless relationship to succeed is that both members of the couple agree and be happy. Often times, both partners agree that sex is not necessary to give affection and maintain the relationship, so they move on without it. They may feel very much in love and not need sexual activity to be together. Consequently, they develop their intimacy in different ways.

In this sense, if this absence of sex is consented and accepted by both, there should be no risk to the stability and functioning of the relationship.

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There are different ways to experience intimacy in a couple without the sexual act. For example, through eroticism. Each person can experience it in different ways and it is a way to keep attraction, complicity and passion alive.

In a sexless couple, the biggest problem can arise when there is no contact at all. That is, when there are no longer caresses, hugs, gestures of affection, etc. Affectivity and feeling the contact of the other is vital for any relationship.

When a couple has decided not to have sex, fluent communication will be essential. It is important to speak and know how to listen, always keeping in mind the reasons for that decision.

Also, some tips to keep the relationship alive are:

  • Take care of our personal image. Because it will make us feel better about ourselves and consequently, also with those we share our lives with.
  • Take care of the details. Small gestures towards the other are always a demonstration of how much we care.
  • Maintain physical contact. Play and enjoy eroticism.
  • To leave together. Share moments outside the usual environment, change the air, etc.
  • Find moments of intimacy, etc.

However, it should be mentioned that when the lack of sex is not by choice, it can translate into an underlying problem in the couple.

And if one or both members of the couple do not agree with this situation, then it must be resolved together as soon as possible. To do this, it will be necessary to find out the cause, what is happening and find a solution. And most important of all, a relationship is always two, so whatever it takes, we will have to face it together.

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Couples without sex: how do they work? – Sexologist Madrid

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