Coroner of the Judiciary goes to trial for sexual abuse and asks for a sentence of 9 years

Guarantees judge Diego Sanz yesterday sent to trial the coroner of the Judiciary, Eduardo Recabarren, who was accused by the Prosecutor’s Office of committing a series of seriously outrageous sexual abuse against a girl when she was between six and eight years old. In this framework, the representatives of the Public Ministry had requested that, when the debate is held and finished, he be sentenced to 9 years in prison. For their part, the defenders Franco Montes and Marcelo Fernández maintained the innocence of the doctor and questioned the accusation made by the prosecutor Eduardo Gallastegui, since they indicated that from his account it is clear that at least eight facts were expressed in a generic manner, without specific specification. of time, manner and place, “with the sole purpose of aggravating Recabarren’s situation, without offering him the possibility of defense,” the lawyers stressed.

The case represents another scandal of a member of the Judiciary involved in a criminal act. Recabarren has been working as a coroner in the Court of Justice for about 15 years, where he worked in the so-called Forensic Laboratory. Montes explained that the doctor continues to provide tasks, although he was transferred to the court building. Recabarren transits the judicial process in freedom, after having been under house arrest.

The other judicial officials who are being targeted for another reason are Mario Parisí and Juan Pablo Ortega. The first is accused of causing injuries and threatening his ex-partner, while the second is under scrutiny for the crime of cover-up, trying to influence the victim to change his version and remove Parisí, according to the prosecution.

The doctor was under house arrest and is now going through the process in freedom.

The Recabarren case broke out on December 29, although the facts that would complicate it would have been known on November 17, at the school attended by the girl who is now 12 years old. It was during the “Days of Good Treatment” in which a teacher saw her sad and asked her what was happening to her. Then, the girl said that the coroner would have groped her between the ages of six and eight and reiterated it to the director. Later, she provided more details to an ANIVI psychologist, who described them as credible.

For their part, Montes and Fernández indicated that they have offered testimonies from teachers and psychologists from a school attended by the minor, which would reveal her ailments, but which are not attributable to Recabarren. After the complaint, the doctor spent almost two months in house arrest, until he was released.

On the other hand, the Prosecutor’s Office asked the Judge of Guarantees for a reparation of 300 thousand pesos, but Montes remarked that they opposed Fernández because that point has to be requested by the injured party, through a plaintiff. In addition, he maintained that the Public Ministry pursues the determination of a penalty “and not compensation, which is a particular matter of the victim.” After the proposals, the defender said that Sanz agreed with them.

The judge of Guarantees carried out what is called the opening order for trial, which with the old system was the elevation of the case to trial. Thus, the coroner will face a debate, which will be chaired by another magistrate, on a one-person basis, whose date will be defined through the Office of Judicial Management.

The coroner faces a classification of sexual abuse seriously outrageous, which has penalties ranging from 4 to 10 years in prison. It is a provisional accusation, which will be confirmed or not during the trial.

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Coroner of the Judiciary goes to trial for sexual abuse and asks for a sentence of 9 years