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Sunday May 01, 2022 | 6:05 a.m.

Two years ago, Sabrina’s (30) life came to a complete standstill. She feared and continues to fear the worst. It is that for more than 15 minutes she had to see who her partner was and is the father of her three daughters, Gilson Dos Santos (49), point a knife at his neck while holding the smallest in his arms. In this way, the subject tried to prevent the police from arresting him for having, a while before, broken an approach ban and sexually abused the woman under threat of death with the same weapon. An hour after being attacked and in a moment of carelessness by the criminal, she was able to free herself and ran for help, leaving the creatures in the house but promising to return to save them.

“That day I saw myself dead. I asked God a lot, for my daughters, to help me get out of that situation because I realized that if I stayed in the house longer I was going to kill myself, I was determined to do it, “admitted the complainant.

He explained that: “He broke the door in the middle of the night, entered and threatened: ‘don’t yell because if the neighbors call the police I’ll kill you, I’ll kill the boys and I’ll kill myself’. He couldn’t scream. He jumped on me and made a mess of me, he raped me, all with the knife. The baby was sleeping with me. It was horrible. I thought that at any moment he was going to cut my throat. He even told me ‘now we’re going to stay in the house, no one is going to leave or else I’ll give you another option, go and withdraw the complaint’, as if he wanted to keep me kidnapped for I don’t know how long along with the girls because he He had a home exclusion derived from a first complaint for abusing our oldest daughter who was 9 years old.

Sabrina recalled that she was at risk of death locked up with her abuser until she was able to escape: “I looked for a way and I escaped. When I left the house he chased me almost to the gate, naked and wrapped in a towel. He grabbed me by the hair, always with the knife in his hand, and while he was struggling to escape, his towel fell off. It was key. He ran inside to get dressed and I ran as I was, in my nightgown, to the police station that was about ten blocks from where I lived,” he explained, and at that point he regretted that “he had called the police about six times but they did not answer, when I went in desperate I asked them to do something urgent because the guy was crazy with the knife and ready to kill my children. That’s when they moved.”

In a few minutes the property where he committed the crimes was surrounded by police, but once again Gilson did not take a stand and took the one-year-old baby hostage. He held her in his arms and inches from the knife during those minutes that for Sabrina were eternal.

While he threatened to kill her from the street, the uniformed men tried to convince him not to commit that madness, a sequence that at the time was viralized in photos and videos that the neighbors filmed with their cell phones.

The negotiation was marked by moments of extreme tension but finally he released the little girl and was arrested. “He took the baby hostage just so they wouldn’t take him prisoner,” the complainant synthesized.

The first abuse and complaint
The detailed events took place in the town of Bernardo de Irigoyen on April 30, 2020, but the story is connected to a previous chapter that involves the same subject in an aberrant attack on another of his daughters: Sabrina had reported him for sexual abuse after finding him submitting to the eldest daughter who was 9 years old at the time.

At that time, testimonial statements were followed in the Gesell Chamber, physical and psychological studies of the victim and based on the results, it was judicially determined that there was no penetration, that is, that it was a simple abuse and they released him imputed to a criminal case, ruling in parallel their exclusion from the home and imposing a prohibition of approach.

But, according to Sabrina, Dos Santos never complied since he prowled the house and intimidated her for about four days until the night he subjected them and their daughters to the hell detailed in the opening paragraphs.

Charged and convicted
Since he was arrested that night that he raped Sabrina and took his own daughter hostage, Gilson Dos Santos has never seen freedom again. The serious attacks he committed led him directly to prison charged with the crimes of “violation of the home, damage, disobedience, coercion qualified by the use of a knife, sexual abuse with carnal access qualified by the use of a knife and simple sexual abuse doubly qualified by the link and for having been committed against a minor under 18 years of age taking advantage of the pre-existing situation of coexistence. All repeated acts in an undetermined number in real competition and promotion of the corruption of minors aggravated by the age of the victim and by the link in ideal competition as author.

In November 2021, he decided to confess the authorship of all these crimes and, through an abbreviated trial, agreed to a moderate sentence of 11 years in prison, approved by the judges of the Criminal Court One of Eldorado: María Teresa Ramos, Atilio León and the surrogate Oscar Hannibal Fava Gallardo.

Sabrina was never notified of such a situation and continued to experience an ordeal because the subject continued to harass and intimidate her from prison.

In the midst of this terror, she recently decided to move with her daughters to another town, and when she went to communicate this decision to the authorities (in case they needed it for the continuation of the case), she only found out that months before Dos Santos “had signed a minimum sentence” and was even more outraged to learn that the judges “did not consider the crime for having taken my baby hostage and since no one ever notified me on time, I cannot even attempt an appeal.” She feels disappointed.

Until this Friday the intimidations from the Eldorado Penal Unit continued and with that the anguish intensifies, to the point that he is analyzing going to another province. “I’m really scared,” she admitted.

disappointed and afraid
“It turns out that they made an abbreviated trial five months ago and gave him just 11 years in prison for all the heinous things he did and overlooked what he did with the baby,” the victim complained in an exclusive dialogue with this morning and lamented that “They didn’t even call me to testify, finding out by chance about this, which is a judicial disgrace.”

“What infuriates me the most is that they know how it works, they say 11 years but he has already served two and in six or seven they give him the benefit of probation and for good behavior they release him. And then what is he going to do to us?” Sabrina wondered and admitted: “I’m very scared. I even had to move from the place where I lived out of fear and if he gets out he will come to do something to me because if he bothers me while he is in prison, he sends me messages, he intimidates me, so what is he going to do the day he gets his freedom? He is going to come directly to us who knows what things because he is a very dangerous person, ”she warned in anguish.

Without protection

In this line, the woman revealed that last month she filed a new complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of the town where she currently lives “because during these two years that he was detained he always bothers, sends messages, harasses me by phone from jail and even several Sometimes I had to change my number but it continues. This is hell that we are living.” Outraged, she demanded “a fair trial” and added on that “that it be with the guarantees for me and my daughters, who are the victims, not like they did everything behind my back benefiting the abuser with a minimum sentence and on top of that they did not judge a crime serious that he took the baby hostage with a knife. Please, let Justice do its job as it should, ”she insisted.

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Convicted of double sexual abuse intimidates the victim from jail | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones.