Congress approves law for parents to participate in the development of educational materials

The plenary session of Congress today approved a rule that promotes the quality of educational materials and resources in our country, through the active participation of parents.

The national representation supported this initiative with 88 votes in favor, 17 against and 13 abstentions. Subsequently, it was approved by 91 votes in favor, the exemption of the second vote.

Previously, a previous question was rejected so that it returns to the Education Commission so that it has a greater study and has the opinions of more sectors linked to the sector.

According to the approved text, the purpose of the rule is to issue provisions aimed at regulating actions so that the preparation of educational materials and resources by the competent entities of the education sector is carried out in accordance with the principles and rights recognized in the Constitution. .

It also indicates that the Ministry of Education will monitor the quality of educational materials, texts and resources, “for which it must ensure that they are consistent with the principles of Peruvian education.”

In addition, the approved law establishes that parents participate in the process of developing programs and the content of educational materials, texts and resources for basic education in an institutional manner.

This participation will take place through the Apafa, committees, civil associations constituted and registered in the public registries or other instances of representation constituted to participate in the educational process of their children.

It also adds that within the surveillance to be carried out, it specifies that education should not be a means to impose any type of social or political ideology, let alone those practices that can configure a crime sanctioned by the Penal Code, as is the case of terrorism. and related criminal types.

Likewise, it establishes that the contents must be aimed at promoting and protecting the integral development of the personality through the development of citizen values, sexual education, prevention of addictions, criminal behavior and bullying, among others.


Prior to the debate, a minority opinion was also supported, the same one that was presented by Congresswoman Karol Paredes (AP), who indicated that the Ministry of Education is solely responsible for preparing educational materials.

Also, he said that the participation of parents is sought, although they are not necessarily a group “with a particular agenda.”

“This opinion recognizes the stewardship of the Minedu and does not seek to reduce its powers,” he said.


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Published: 5/5/2022

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Congress approves law for parents to participate in the development of educational materials