Complainant of ecclesiastical sexual abuse: “I only ask for justice”

May 7, 2022 – 02:10

At a press conference, a 32-year-old man publicly denounced having been sexually abused by two priests. The events would have happened between 2002 and 2003, in La Paz, when he was a boy of approximately 12 years old. After having kept his secret hidden, at the end of last year he decided to file the complaint for these sexual assaults suffered when he was a child. However, the prosecutor of the Sixth Judicial District, Jorgelina Sobh, dismissed the complaint and ordered the filing. The lawyers of the complaint, Ariel Díaz Sosa and Sebastián Ibáñez, opposed the proposal and announced that on Monday they would promote the prosecution jury against the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of La Paz. Gustavo, the victim, criminally denounced the priest Eduardo López Márquez. Yesterday, before the media, he quoted him again. The complainant had said that this priest was a friend of the family, since an in-law was also a priest. López Márquez and this relative of the complainant were friends, hence the closeness to Gustavo and his family. This situation would have been taken advantage of by the aggressor.

At that time, the complainant was a child and did not dare to tell what was happening. He thought that talking to the family priest, whom he knew and trusted, could put an end to this situation. However, the religious, who knew him when he was very young, seeing the boy’s vulnerable situation, instead of helping him, also abused him.

However, the complaint was only against López Márquez because the other priest died early last year. Now, the complainant asks that his cause not prescribe. “I only ask for Justice,” he said.

For their part, the lawyers Díaz Sosa and Ibáñez, who represent him in the lawsuit, announced that on Monday they will make a jury request against the prosecutor of the Sixth Judicial District, Jorgelina Sobh. Last January, the Ecclesiastical Court was made up of priests Carlos Ibáñez, Julio Murúa and Diego Manzaraz. Thus, the investigation began, with a hearing. On that occasion, the complainant testified before this Clergy Court.

“In the terms provided in the canonical regulations, it is up to the Pope to intervene. We are waiting for the resolution. They already took the statement about all the facts with luxuries of details. Until now, a psychological expertise has been carried out, which is a decisive test in relation to the existence of the fact. A copy of the expertise was requested, which was never resolved by the prosecutor nor was it delivered. They did not inform us about the expert report of that psychological interview, ”explained the lawyer Díaz Sosa.

“These sexual criminals have to be exposed and not the victims,” ​​said lawyer Ibáñez. Knowing this complaint, the Network of Survivors of Ecclesiastical Abuses publicly expressed its support for the complainant.

In addition, considering that the prosecutor Sobh would have expressed an opinion with the dismissal and request for filing, the lawyers of the complaint would be in a position to request that another representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office investigate the case. “Her opinion is flawed. In the event that the Recreational Guarantees Control judge upholds our proposal, she should investigate another prosecutor. Prosecutor Sobh can no longer investigate the case, ”she clarified.

“We are facing an alarming institutional gravity. Ex officio, without anyone asking him, he requested the dismissal of the complaint for very serious acts of pederasty against López Márquez. Ask that it be archived because it is prescribed, ”said Ibáñez. In this context, he cited the precedent of the Court of Criminal Appeals and Warrants in the case against the priest Moisés Pachado. The lawyer stressed that with this sentence it was established that sexual abuse in childhood does not prescribe.

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Complainant of ecclesiastical sexual abuse: “I only ask for justice”