Coahuila Prosecutor’s Office Analyzes Acquittal Sentence Accused of Sexual Abuse

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) analyzes the sentence issued by a court that acquitted a man accused of sexually abusing a five-year-old girl; the Public Ministry studies the case to present some disagreement procedure.

The agency’s delegate, Rodrigo Chairez Zamora, explained that he was aware of the sentence handed down by the criminal court.

He said that the Public Ministry analyzes what was indicated by the three judges of the court, to appeal the sentence or present some disagreement procedure.

Crimes of a sexual nature, against women and even more so against infants are of special attention to the authoritiesso an acquittal sentence for a defendant is not pleasant to them.

The State Attorney General’s Office, through the specialized unit of the public ministry agency, gathered evidence, evidence, testimonials and expert opinions to support the crime committed against the minor.

The criteria of the judges, said Chairez Zamora, is analyzed by the Public Ministry to make a decision on this.

As will be remembered, in 2020 the investigation file and subsequent process against Ernesto N began, who according to the investigation file in January of that same year he sexually abused the daughter of your romantic partner.

The crime was aggravated improper rape, and the necessary elements were provided to prosecute the accused.

The accused remained in prison for more than a year, the time the trial lasted. The State Attorney General’s Office put together an investigation folder of more than 1,000 pages to prove the commission of the crime.

There were more than 60 hours of trial that took place, where the Public Ministry provided evidence to support the accusationand the defense provided their own, to discredit the accusation.

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Coahuila Prosecutor’s Office Analyzes Acquittal Sentence Accused of Sexual Abuse