As a cloth vulva came to my hands by magic, I was fascinated by the precision of all the parts that make up the vulva and a very beautiful clitoris in all its dimensions. Right away I wanted to meet the author of this beauty and that’s how I met Esther Prim Baíllo. The materials that Esther makes by hand, from her home, with her sewing machine and the sea in front of her, are a delight: vulva, uterus, penis, pelvic floor, dolls and sexed dolls, they are very useful when we facilitate educational workshops affective sexual. From kindergarten to high school through special education, these materials allow girls, boys, girls and boys to see, touch, feel, touch and experiment without cutting or shame. I recommend to all schools that they get a MATS pac: Anatomical Materials of Suggestive Textures, as they are called.

Tell us a little about yourself, Esther

For many years I have worked in the puppet theater, a profession that combines text, volume and dramatization. When I was preparing my retirement I started a path, hand in hand with Migjorn, birth house, which has allowed me to continue exercising creativity with the design and artisan production of toys, first pregnant dolls, then others less childish, anatomical models made with materials that are pleasant to touch and look at.

I have been able to continue combining materials, textures and colors and I have found myself building unthinkable volumes, within the powerful language of objects. I feel very comfortable working as a craftswoman, and at the same time she never ceases to question the space that remains between one line of meaning and the next, the moment when a normality ends and a new one arrives, always noting the decisive appearance of surprise .

Where did the idea of ​​creating these materials come from?

The adventure began in 2012, responding to the interest of Dr. Montse Catalán, who wanted to offer pregnant dolls that could give birth and breastfeed.

From a first test we went on to another and another, with improvements in the result and optimizing the preparation. Soon they began to meet and sell. Doing them was a pleasure; that they were appreciated by the families, a satisfaction. We made fathers, brothers and sisters, skin color variants, diverse family combinations …

The cloth vulva appeared second, I saw a model and was tempted to improve it. In March 2017 the first one came out, Montse taught it in her talks and the news spread. In response to the demand for partners, we also designed the male genitalia models and the matrices with ovaries to explain the rule, which we have put together in a pack.

In mid-2018, Núria Vives contacted me. With his advice and supervision, I undertook the fabric reproduction of the female perineum. I prepared it during the summer and in September it was available.

Now I propose to make a female breast, to better understand how it works in breastfeeding.

Who are they for / what are they used for

Each model has a different audience:

The dolls are mostly for families and they also have them in many schools.The pack of genitalia models is especially useful for sexuality workshops, whether they are at school, in youth centers, health centers … Perineal models are more specialized, for physical therapists and midwives. We believe in the meaning of textures. The most frequent comment is that the materials, the color and the touch of the models make them close and open the dialogue easily.

How welcome are they

Especially the cloth vulva, “flower that beats”, has been very well received by women who work with and for women, for the pleasure of exalting the vulva and easily observing its shape. All the models have been very well received by teams of sexologists and educators, the voice spreads by word of mouth, the professionals who use them are great diffusers and make them known, which has allowed us a measured and organic growth.

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