Christmas Gifts: The Best Erotic Ideas for Couples

This Christmas … give pleasure! If you are looking for original gift ideas for your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, lover … Or you just need a list of somewhat spicy proposals to surprise a friend in a fun way … From The Smile of Aphrodite We have brought some proposals for erotic toys to succeed these holidays yes or yes.

From the TOP sales of the clitoral sucker that has generated a real furor to other less known toys to play with as a couple such as the Gvibe. Here goes our wish list of desire and passion!

You are still in time to place your order in December to surprise this Christmas through our online store La Sonrisa de Aphrodita and receive your package in 24 – 48 hours with discreet shipping. No one will know what the surprise is about! If you live outside the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, check our shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. We are one of the few erotic shops that reaches any part of Spain! 😉

Now let’s go with our erotic gift list for this Christmas: some more daring, others more conservative, suggestions to enjoy as a couple and toys to succeed for sure. We started!

Get it right for sure: Erotic cosmetics

If so far you don’t have any sexual peripherals but you want to start small, this erotic cosmetic kit is perfect. It is a suggestive, elegant gift with a little of everything, five miniatures of erotic cosmetics from the prestigious Shunga brand (oils, lubricants and stimulants) and, in addition, it includes a discreet and manageable vibrating bullet, ideal for those who are new to you. in this suggestive world. Is perfect for nights of passion or for traveling, (they are formats that can be carried by plane without checking in) so if you are going to escape with your partner this Christmas it will fit perfectly in your suitcase.

What do I give my girlfriend for Christmas?

A question that is often difficult to answer, especially when it is not the first Christmas that you spend together. If you have never given erotic items, you have a whole world of options to discover!

Original vibrating bullets

If your partner already has one or more vibrators, it is likely that you have rejected the idea of ​​giving him one. But in The Smile of Aphrodite we have an ace up our sleeve … A series of original vibrators that in addition to having an image created for the most detailed people, they fulfill their main function wonderfully: to be a source of pleasure.

We leave you two suggestions: Is your partner flirtatious and likes makeup? Without a doubt, their products are the vibrating bullet in the shape of a lipstick or mascara, you will love to carry it in your toiletry bag!

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Christmas Gifts: The Best Erotic Ideas for Couples

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