Christian university “punishes” a young man for denouncing assault and sexual abuse

There are campaigns all over the world to denounce cases of abuse sexualEven in schools, a series of rules have been established to prevent this type of situation from occurring, but sometimes justice is out of the hands of the victims, such is the case of mara louk22 years old, who was studying in a college christian and accused a colleague of attack her Y sexually abuse herwhich is why the institution would have abandoned her and even punished her.

In this situation, Louk decided to file a federal complaint in the United States Department of Education against Visible Music Collegewhich is located in memphis. In her accusation, the young woman explained that the argument given by the university administrators for not removing the alleged rapist from the classes was because they had not arrested him.

As if that were not enough, the 22-year-old did not receive protectionthe authorities of the college christian she was singled out for violating school rules that prohibited relate sexual premarital with a different student: her ex-boyfriend, something she denied Mara.

Mara Louk denounced that she did not receive any protection. Photo: Special

The young woman was threatened with being expelled

Louk She said that even the university authorities would have threatened to expel her unless she signed a confession and finished the school year online, with the purpose of not continuing to attend the facilities.

Mara I hope he United States Department of Education determine if the school excluded you under the Title IX gender equality law, which states that students must be protected from discrimination based on sex.

In addition to the above, the federal authorities will investigate if the Visible Music College would have bypassed a federal law, which requires school administrators to inform their students of options for help once they report a sex crime.

For its part, the Visible Music College indicated that it will cooperate with the investigations expressed in the complaint, although the administrators denied having received and seen the legal document allegedly presented by Louk; while the young woman’s lawyer reported that the university authorities did not answer her calls.

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Christian university “punishes” a young man for denouncing assault and sexual abuse