Key hours: What will happen to Villa before the complaint of sexual abuse and attempted murder?

On Friday morning, a dejavú from April 2020 appeared in the Boca World. Sebastián Villa was again denounced by a former partner for gender violence. At that time, the complaint consisted of injuries resulting from a violent and possessive attitude of the player, while the recent one is even more serious, since it also includes … Read more

Sexual abuse of her partner’s 5-year-old granddaughter: sentenced in Malaga to four years in prison

Related news The Provincial Court of Malaga has condemned four years and two months in prison to a man for abusing a minor under five years old, granddaughter of his sentimental partner. In addition, he is ordered to pay compensation of 30,000 euros and is prohibited from approaching or contacting the victim for a period … Read more

Arrested for sexual assault on a girl in Ortuella, who suspends her parties

Arrested for sexual assault on a girl in Ortuella who

This afternoon there was a concentration of rejection in the center of town. / Ignatius Perez 500 neighbors show their rejection and the festive commission suspends the celebrations “at least” this weekend A man, who according to the neighbors could be around twenty, was arrested yesterday morning accused of sexual assault on a young woman … Read more

Entre Ríos: accused of sexual abuse and house arrest, a mayor requested paid leave

Entre Rios accused of sexual abuse and house arrest a

The mayor of the Entre Ríos town of Gilbert, Ángel Constantino, asked for three months paid leave after being in charge of the municipality while serving house arrest during the last week. Constantino (57) has been under house arrest since Saturday, May 7, when violated approach restriction with one of the three women who denounced … Read more

They summoned the young woman to ratify the complaint of sexual abuse against Sebastián Villa

They summoned the young woman to ratify the complaint of

Boca player Sebastián Villa was accused of sexual abuse. Photo: Julian Alvarez. The young woman who denounced the Boca Juniors footballer Sebastian Villa for having sexually abused her and having tried to hang her while he subdued her in her house in a private neighborhood in the Buenos Aires town of Canning, was summoned this … Read more

Merly Morello revealed when she discovered her sexual orientation: “I liked a girl from the nest”

Merly Morello reappeared after the end of “Back to the neighborhood” in an interview with Christopher Gianotti. The young artist spoke, among other topics, about her sexual orientation and she emphasized how comfortable she feels when talking about the subject, since she has the support of her friends and family. The now influencer also exposed … Read more

Fedefútbol concluded investigation for accusations of sexual violence that splash the referee Ímer Machado

Fedefutbol concluded investigation for accusations of sexual violence that splash

Ímer Machado and Óscar Julián Ruiz, investigated by the FIFA Ethics Committee / (Colprensa) On the afternoon of this Friday, May 13, the Colombian Football Federation (FHR) issued an official statement on its website in response to the announcement about the start of an investigation by the Fifa Ethics Committee for a complaint that affects … Read more

Cipolletti’s dentist convicted of sexual abuse is “depressed” and they want to prevent him from going to jail

Cipollettis dentist convicted of sexual abuse is depressed and they

The depressive picture and the risk of life were the arguments, once again, that he used the defense of the dentist Mariano Marques to prevent him from complying with the precautionary measure that was imposed from the beginning of the investigation due to the risk of flight: preventive detention. Currently the professional convicted of aggravated … Read more