Maribel Verdú remembers how she asked two colleagues for help to face the sexual harassment of a director

Published: Sunday, May 15, 2022 20:04 In the last season of About Évolejournalist interviewed the actors of the film ‘Belle époque’, Penélope Cruz, Fernando Trueba, Maribel Verdú and Ariadna Gil. During the talk, Jordi Évole stressed that in Spain “the ‘Me too’ has not exploded”, the viral movement that broke out in the United States … Read more

From harassment and abuse to protest: a wake-up call from schools

Sounding board or space with a fertile path for the recreation of social scourges, the secondary school added to its work agenda the item of protest against forms of violence that include sexual harassment and abuse. Girls and boys from public and private institutions give shape to a phenomenon with demonstrations, inside and on the … Read more

Raise awareness among students to avoid harassment in Public Transport

The ViveBús Transportation Operator began a cycle of talks called Tools to Prevent and Combat Sexual Harassment in Public Transportation, aimed at students who use the Trunk Route as their means of transportation to go to schools. “With these actions we join the efforts that Governor María Eugenia Campos is making in terms of preventing … Read more

Timetables of Buenos Aires | The elected president of Costa Rica apologized for sexual harassment

Rodrigo Chaves, Costa Rica’s president-elect, publicly apologized Monday to two former World Bank colleagues who accused him of sexual harassment. Economist Chaves was demoted in 2019 over allegations and left the World Bank shortly after a 30-year career at a global financial institution. Chaves previously argued that these were just “jokes” that were “misunderstood due … Read more

InDriver disabled a driver for sexual harassment in Veracruz – Format Seven

InDriver disabled a driver for sexual harassment in Veracruz

Share on Facebook0 Share on Twitter Veracruz, Ver.- The InDriver platform reports that it disabled a driver, who operates in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, accused of harassing women, mainly young women, after boarding his vehicle: “At inDriver we do not tolerate aggression against users, that is why we raise our hands in solidarity with … Read more

UES Prosecutor puts in reserve case of employee accused of harassment

The Attorney General’s Office of the University of El Salvador (UES) agreed to reserve all the information and discussions about the cases of workplace harassment that two employees of the alma mater denounced against the Secretary of Communications. Since last May 12, it was known that the Superior University Council (CSU) held a hearing against … Read more

Education updates protocol for comprehensive care in cases of harassment and sexual harassment

Education updates protocol for comprehensive care in cases of harassment

Friday, May 13, 2022 6:33 p.m. + – This essential issue for the government of Indira Vizcaíno Silva is addressed The Unit for Gender Equality of the Ministry of Education and Culture, convened a work table called “Construction of the critical route of the protocol to prevent, attend to and punish harassment and sexual harassment … Read more