Government reopens debate on sex assistants for the disabled

1638357370 Government reopens debate on sex assistants for the disabled

LUDOVIC MARIN via Getty ImagesSophie Cluzel in the courtyard of the Élysée on January 15. POLICY – The announcement comes as Emmanuel Macron will chair the “national disability conference” on Tuesday. This Sunday, February 9, Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State in charge of disabled people, said she was in favor of “supporting sexual life” for … Read more

Why do men rape?

1638357312 Why do men rape

Cover of La Citoyenne, feminist bimonthly (1881-1891) of October 1, 1882. “It is not common for a man to campaign for women’s rights. I am well aware of it (…) I saw the puzzled looks, the mimicry of incomprehension. From time to time, I even encounter hostility. Some people consider my choices suspect, even threatening. … Read more

Woman and her pleasure, Gilbert Tordjman • My sex blog

Woman and her pleasure Gilbert Tordjman • My sex blog

AUTHOR: Dr. Gilbert Tordjman Gynecologist, sexologist, founding president of the World Association of Sexology, secretary of the French Society of Clinical Sexology, Dr Tordjman is one of the sexologists who founded and brought to light this discipline in France. Follower of an innovative sexological medicine for the time, he multiplied in the 70s the best-selling … Read more