Jorge Valdivia declassified details of the remembered “Puerto Ordazo”: “I paid someone else’s guilt”

Jorge Valdivia declassified details of the remembered Puerto Ordazo

Jorge Valdiviaformer national team, declassified details about eHe remembered “Puerto Ordazo”an embarrassing incident starring several players from La Roja the morning of July 5, 2007 during the 2007 Copa América in Venezuela, pointing out that he took on responsibilities that did not correspond to him and “I paid for someone else’s fault”. In the program … Read more

Very serious and new accusation against the police abuser of Chos Malal

Cipollettis dentist convicted of sexual abuse is depressed and they

The situation of Esteban Benigno Prieto, the policeman arrested in Chos Malal for abusing a 5-year-old girl, has become more complicated in the last few hours. Chief prosecutor Fernando Fuentes aggravated the accusation because it was discovered that the officer filmed the sexual assault on his phoneand that allowed to discover new details. The result … Read more

What did Max Mendoza say and what did he not say in his reappearance?: The university leader is the focus of the scandal | DUTY

In an 11-minute video posted on social media, the cornered leader of the Bolivian University Confederation (CUB), Max Mendoza, came out to show his face after the complaints that weigh against him. She called them media attacks, even accused her accusers of having a record, but had no arguments (for now) to contradict the accusations … Read more

Sebastián Villa was charged in Argentina for accusing a woman who says he assaulted her

Sebastian Villa was charged in Argentina for accusing a

Colombian soccer player Sebastián Villa, from Boca Juniors, was charged this Thursday in Argentina for the crime of sexual abuse against a young woman who denounced him for assaults he would have suffered in 2021, judicial sources reported. Villa, 26, was notified of the charge for the crime of “sexual abuse with carnal access” by … Read more

[VIDEO] Soon, the capture of former priest Eduardo Córdova: Prosecutor – San Luis Code – Online newspaper

VIDEO Soon the capture of former priest Eduardo Cordova Prosecutor

*The State Attorney General says he is looking for him May 19, 2022 by Editorial Matehuala, SLP. – The State Attorney General, José Luis Ruiz Contreras, assured that the former priest, Eduardo Córdova Bautista, accused of pederasty to the detriment of more than one hundred children while they were in his charge as a teacher … Read more

Witnesses commit Sebastián Villa in the process of sexual abuse that is being followed in Argentina

Witnesses commit Sebastian Villa in the process of sexual abuse scaled

In the image, Colombian soccer player Sebastián Villa during a match with Boca Juniors. Photo: private file The case of the Colombian soccer player Sebastian Villawho was denounced last Friday by a young woman who claimed to have been sexually abused, continues to advance in Argentine justice. The victim stated that the events occurred in … Read more

$121.5M Settlement Announced Following New Mexico Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal

One of the oldest Catholic dioceses in the United States announced a $121.5 million settlement agreement to resolve a New Mexico bankruptcy case involving resulted from a clergy sexual abuse scandal. The proposed settlement, which would involve some 375 plaintiffs, comes as The Catholic Church continues to struggle with a sexual abuse scandal and cover-up … Read more