[Opinión] César Luna Victoria: “Chronicle of Good Government”

Opinion Cesar Luna Victoria Chronicle of Good Government

Updated on 05/21/2022 07:00 am Francisco Villa and Emiliano Zapata are the heroes of the Mexican Revolution. In December 1914, their armies entered the capital and the Government Palace. Agustín Víctor Casasola was waiting for them to take the most famous photograph of the revolution. In the room there was only a presidential chair, a … Read more

A shirt filled with hate

The commemoration was accompanied by irony: while the origin of the struggle was remembered and it was explained that it had been barely 31 years since the World Health Organization (WHO) stopped considering homosexuality a mental illness, while stories were told and the most “progressive” brands spread messages that appealed to respect and diversity, while … Read more

Huánuco: Minister Serna condemns alleged sexual abuse against 11 students from the same school

The Minister of Education, Rosendo Serna, condemned the alleged case of sexual abuse that would have been committed against 11 schoolchildren in an educational center, located in Huánuco. the owner of the minedu He maintained that the fact should be investigated to punish those responsible. “Today we have had ungrateful news from my Huánuco region, … Read more

Municipality of Santiago initiates coordination table to establish action protocols against sexual and gender violence in high schools of the commune – La Tercera

Municipality of Santiago initiates coordination table to establish action protocols

This Friday, the Municipality of Santiago began a communal table to coordinate and build protocols of action that would be applied if there are situations of sexual or gender violence in educational establishments. The mayor of Santiago met at the Museum of Education, Irací Hassler, together with representatives of 17 high schools of the communeto … Read more

The Government and Consell agree on the need for education to prevent sexual violence

VALENCIA. (EP) The central government and the Valencian Executive have agreed this Friday to highlight the importance and the need for sexual education, from an early age and in “all” educational stages, to prevent sexual violence. This has been expressed by the Secretary of State for Equality and Against Gender Violence, Angela Rodriguez, and the … Read more

LGBTIQ+ adolescents: are mothers and fathers in Chile prepared to provide Comprehensive Sex Education to their daughters and sons?

LGBTIQ adolescents are mothers and fathers in Chile prepared to

“La Susi cut her hair very short, in a process of self-discovery, if she gets on the bus or Uber they call her ‘the child’ and she gets angry. That, in the end, is frustrating. Not much can be done, because society does not accompany and makes things worse “, anonymous*. “When I had my … Read more

Ombudsman’s Office: “It is urgent that a public agenda be drawn up that makes the importance of political representation of indigenous women visible”

Ombudsmans Office It is urgent that a public agenda be

The Ombudsman’s Office stated that the State is still required to design and manage public policies that consider the needs of indigenous women, for which it must have information that includes the variables of ethnicity and gender. Regional and Municipal Elections 2022 The institution pointed out that, given the proximity of the regional and municipal … Read more

John Santana | Politicians separating parents from children

John Santana Politicians separating parents from children

Politicians separating parents from children The separatist politicians have managed to separate once again and in this case they have separated many parents from their children, because they have approved a regulation or a law, where sixteen-year-old “girls” can abort without parental permission, even without telling them nothing, that is, “Politicians have approved a law … Read more