Broad Front expelled Roque Barla, convicted of sexual abuse of a 3-year-old girl

Strong rejection and condemnation, deep solidarity with the victim and the family and the request for the immediate expulsion of the substitute mayor Roque Barla by the Tribunal of Political Conduct of the Broad Front, were the three decisions that the Salto Departmental Table adopted after the judicial conviction accused of a crime of aggravated sexual abuse. “It can be clearly said that he is expelled from the wide front “, synthesized the president of the political force, Fernando Pereira.

“In the Broad Front there is no place for those who exercise gender-based violence”, concludes the document approved this Thursday the 12th by the Departmental Board of the Broad Front of Salto.

The decision was made after the judicial definition against Barla, who in an abbreviated process was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison on the day.

Barla is a retired history teacher and former basketball coach. According to the prosecution, he committed the crime when he was alone with the girl. The story of the incident to her mother by the victim led to the complaint and subsequent formalization.

We do not cover or look to the side in the face of these situations of violence and abuse, which is why we have decided to ask the Court of Political Conduct to order, without further formalities, before the competent bodies, to immediately apply the maximum sanction, the expulsion of our political force.

Fernando Pereira: “No one can justify an act of this kind, Justice acted and Justice commands”

“He has no place in the ranks of the Broad Front. The Front has to comply with its internal rules, but we are all aware that the Plenary has to make a decision, which is that it no longer be in the ranks of the Broad Front”, synthesized the president of that political force, Fernando Pereira.

He stressed that all political mechanisms were launched once the sentence was known. “If there is a ruling for abuse, it does not come in here,” he insisted before the press query. He indicated that the patriarchal bond is unhealthy and the change of masculinities should begin because “the change has to start at home.” “Taking charge is being able to say ‘I’m doing everything possible to change the organization,’” added Pereira.

Declaration of the Political Table of the Broad Front of Salto

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Broad Front expelled Roque Barla, convicted of sexual abuse of a 3-year-old girl