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Talking about sex with teens can be complex. They are at a complicated age and sex is a complicated subject, an explosive combination. Sometimes it may be advisable to speak indirectly, either by providing them with a book that we know has rigorous information or by reading it ourselves as parents to have that information, either through series or movies that can help us raise a topic.

So below I share some resources to work sex education with adolescents. I hope they are useful to you:


Things clear (Editorial platform, 2019). Author: Arola Poch. A book with a comprehensive perspective on sex that addresses topics such as the body, sexual orientations and identities, erotic practices, consent, pornography, relationships … Aimed at boys and girls from about 13 years of age. It’s my book, so it had to appear in this resource recommendation.

Talk to them about sexuality (Planet, 2019). Author: Elena Crespí. A book for fathers and mothers that addresses different questions about sexuality that their sons and daughters may ask them. Has a comprehensive and practical view of the subject.

DESIRE. Stories about sexuality (Ceapa, 2012). Various authors. 17-year-olds on their end-of-year trip to Paris. Stories of the different characters are treated, their erotic experiences, desire, friendship, prevention, self-care, love, etc. Access the resource through the following link: DESIRE

Carlota’s red diary (Destiny, 2004). Author: Gemma Lienas. Carlota is a girl who studies high school first and begins to write a diary about her concerns, her experiences, what she knows, what she learns… about sex. There is the male version of the story, “Flanagan’s Red Diary” (Destiny, 2004).

Series and films:

Sex-education it’s a must when we talk about these issues. It is about various boys and girls in a high school and their experiences with sexuality. The information you give about sexuality is correct and appropriate for adolescents. I wrote an article about this series in Verne – El País: Would the sexual advice from the Sex-Education series work in real life? The series is available on Netflix.

Big mouth. Animated series that follows in the footsteps of teenagers who are facing puberty, the first sexual impulses, changes in their bodies, sexual harassment. With humor and something hooligan, it has some memorable scenes like the one of the girl who looks at her genitals for the first time with a small mirror. It can be seen on Netflix.

Euphoria. It is not expressly educational in nature, but it has a current point of view and can help us deal with many issues. The series talks about new sexual trends, the search for identity of young people, lesbian relationships, sexual relations, etc. Available on HBO.

Marline. Series about young people in a high school and their philosophy classes with Professor Merlin. Many topics are covered and sexuality is also present: sexual orientations, coming out of the closet, relationships, stereotypes, teenage pregnancy, transsexuality, etc. Have a spin-off Merlin. Know Aude that follows the adventures of one of the students in the university. The original series, Merlin, seems better to me. It can be seen on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Juno A 2007 film about a teenage girl who gets pregnant and the search for adoptive parents. While it does not talk about the problems it can pose, it can be a gentle way of broaching the topic of prevention. The main role is played by Elliot Page (before transitioning to the male gender) which can help us to also talk about transsexuality.

Final reminder: There are many more books, movies, series … that will help us to deal with sexuality with adolescents. Also, keep in mind that any series or movie aimed at these ages will try aspects of sexuality and love and it can serve as a starting point to discuss these issues. Daily life gives us many excuses to talk about sex, let’s take advantage of them.

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Books and series to work on sexual education with adolescents – Arola Poch

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