Black Friday: what is Black Friday and why is it very sexy

Cristina Cano | November 16, 2021
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You have been waiting for them for months and you have been comparing brands for days. But you already know that the best is LELO and its Black Friday discounts are the most beastly.

You can go directly to our 2021 deals article, but you can also continue reading about the reason for Black Friday below…

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Like many of the novelties that affect our increasingly globalized world, Black Friday was born in the United States. Thanksgiving is celebrated there on the fourth Thursday in November. And yes, the Friday immediately after is known as Black Friday.

Thanksgiving Day is the great day of American families, rooted in society since the first settlers, it is also considered the “official entrance” or, rather, the unofficial prelude to the Christmas holidays. Thus, the following day, Black Friday, marks the beginning of one of the most frenetic phenomena associated with the end of the year: Christmas shopping!

The origin of the name

workers black friday

The first time the term Black Friday was used for the day after Thanksgiving dates back to the 1950s, when many workers “got sick” to bridge the weekend: 4 uncomplicated holidays, but a ” black friday” for companies that found themselves with staff decimated.

traffic black friday

Around the same time, specifically in Philadelphia and Rochester, the terms Black Friday and Black Saturday were used in relation to the traffic jams that occurred in those cities, precisely because most people took their cars after Thanksgiving, to do Christmas shopping.

black friday shopping

As time went on, the first day after Thanksgiving became more and more the opening day of the spring season. shopping Christmas, so many stores began to offer specific discounts to encourage purchases.

Today, Black Friday is one of the most profitable days for sellers and buyers. For this reason, there were also those who wanted to find a (supposedly) more positive meaning than the (supposedly negative) one of the color black. And so it was said that the term was due to the fact that, for the first time in the year, store and company accountants recorded profits (marked in black) and not losses (marked in red).

Obviously, this vision of the color black is not entirely in agreement with us. Black in our company is luxurious, discreet, elegant and very very sexy.

So what is Black Friday?

A few years ago we would have answered something like “go to the USA and live (or survive) the madness of the offers in stores”. Today, you already know that it is the day in which you can make purchases with incredible discounts from the sofa in your living room.

a sexy christmas

The truth is that Black Friday is the best day to prepare for the sexiest Christmas. Why? Well, let’s see, you can give a pair of socks or gloves to your partner. She’ll almost certainly thank you, but don’t you think she’ll be happier with some Ben Wa balls, a vibrator for couples, or any other luxury sex toy?

Our advice: go to our article on discounts and prepare the most sensual Christmas: Black Friday en LELO.


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Black Friday: what is Black Friday and why is it very sexy

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