We closed the school year with more than 50 trainings provided to families, teachers and students of all ages, from nursery schools and primary schools, to secondary schools, high schools and special education centers in Catalonia, Madrid and Andorra.

Happy for expanding the team and counting on the collaborations of Paula bayod, Sara Llanos and José Manuel Narváez and excited because it seems that sex education, despite continuing to start from the goodwill of schools, no matter how much the UN and UNESCO recommend incorporating sex education into the curriculum of educational institutions, giving them a positive and healthy approach, the experience of the love and sexuality of our daughters and sons, is an issue that matters to us.

We always do sex education, whether we want to or not, we can raise awareness and try to accompany our daughters and sons in the most pleasant and healthy way possible, even if we look clumsy, we can’t find the words and we don’t know where to start, it will always be better than him. silence that does not prevent anything.

WELCOME, LISTEN, ACCOMPANY With a good disposition, telling the truth, showing ourselves as we are, they are usually good keys to keep the communication channel open.

Here are some of the bibliographic recommendations that we have provided to families, professionals and all those interested in growing up and knowing more about sexuality throughout this 2018-19 academic year.

– Marion Mebes – Lydia Sandrock, Not a kiss forcibly, Bilbao, Maite Canal, 2003.

Not a kiss forcibly. SEXDUCATION

– Melissa Cardoza – Margarita Sada, I have an aunt who is not a nun, México, Patlatonalli, 2004.

– Robie H. Harris, Sex… What is it? Development, body changes, sex and sexual health, Ediciones Serres, Barcelona, ​​2002.

– Marion Nebes and Lydia Sandok; Not a caress by force. Ed. Maite Canal, Bilbao, 1994.

– Karen Gravelle y Jennifer Gravelle: The rule book, Ed. Medici, 1996.

– José Urruzola; (classroom material) Learning to love from the classroom. Manual for schoolchildren. Secondary. Maite Canal, Bilbao, 1991.

– Adela Turin, Arturo and Clementina.

– Adela Turin, Candy Pink

– Babette Cole, Hairs everywhere or the rampant hormone, Destination.


– Eric Carle. Don Caballito de Mar.

– Javier Sobrino and Noemí Villamuza, I like it, ed. Kókinos

– Linda de Haan y Stern Nijland, King and King.

– Melissa Cardoza and Margarita Sada, I have an aunt who is not a nun. Patlatonalli, Mexico, 2004.

– Nunila López Salamero and Myriam Cameros Sierra, Cinderella did not want to eat partridges

Carlos de la Cruz. Don’t tell him stories. To read from 3 years. Edited by CEAPA. Indicated for hetorosexual families


– Siverberg, Cory. Sex is a fun word. Bellaterra Editions.


– Siverberg, Cory. How to make a baby. Editions Bellaterra. Indicated for non-normative families

– Katharina von der Gather y Anke Kuhl. Tell me everything. 101 questions asked by girls and boys about an exciting topic. Editorial Takatuka

– Dagmar Geisler I was in your belly too, mom? Editorial Youth

– Dagmar Geisler. My body is mine. Editorial Youth.

– Alexandra Maxeiner. In family! Editorial Takatuka

Educating in equality materials to work in the classroom.

The vulva Gallery

In this link you will find resources for prevent sexual abuse of minors and here a video about different ways of being a girl and a boy

– Rosa Sanchís. What do I have down here? Editions of the Bullent. 2005

that I have down here. SEXDUCATION

– Harimaguada Collective, Affective-sexual education didactic folders (infant, primary and secondary education), Tenerife, Government of the Canary Islands, General Directorate of Educational Planning and Innovation and MEC, 1991

– María José Urruzola Zabalza, Guide for girls. How to live affective and sexual relationships, Bilbao, Maite Canal, 2004.

– Stir Bacete: The power of the boys. Destination Editorial

– Robie H. Harris, Sex… What is it? Development, body changes, sex and sexual health, Ediciones Serres, Barcelona, ​​2002.

– Sarah O’Leary. Girl things. 2013

– Andreu Martín and Jaume Ribera. Flanagan’s red diary. Ed. Destiny.

– Lisa Williamson. The art of being normal. Ed. Destiny.

the art of being normal. SEXDUCATION

– Gemma Liena. Carlota’s red diary. Ed. Paneta 2004

– Collective work. A book just for boys. EDEBÉ

– Maite Carranza. Poisoned words. EDEBÉ

– Adele Faber y Elaine Mazlish; How to speak so teens will listen to you and how to listen so teens speak to you. Medici, Barcelona, ​​2005.

– Shere Hite; More sex education and less pornography. Ed. The sphere of books.

– Rosa Sanchís, All for love?Octaedro 2006

– Rosa Sanchís. Work materials: Sex Education and Prevention of violence / s.

You will find material of interest on sexuality, coeducation and prevention of gender violence in the following link.

The pedagogical area of the organization Sida Studi is a reference in diverse material on sexuality and gender.

And do not stop watching the following informative videos:

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