They denounce cases of sexual abuse of migrants on the Cúcuta – Pamplona highway

They denounce cases of sexual abuse of migrants on the

Reference image. The authorities activated attention routes for migrants and women who have registered attacks. Photo: PASTOR VIRVIESCAS The alarms are on in Norte de Santander due to the registration of at least eleven cases of Venezuelan migrant women who say they have been sexually abused on the road that connects Pamplona with Cúcuta. According … Read more

Santiago is linked to the process for sexual abuse against a minor in Valle de Santiago

Santiago ‘N’ was informed that the State Attorney General’s Office will carry out a formal investigation against him Drafting Santiago Valley.- Santiago ‘N‘ was arrested in flagrante delicto on May 13. They put him at the disposal of the Public Ministry Agent specialized in the Comprehensive Care Unit for Women (UNAIM) of the Justice Center … Read more

Huánuco: teacher denounces sexual abuse of 11 students at school

A teacher from Educational Institution No. 32797 Santa Rita, located in Chaclla, Pachitea, in the Huánuco region, reported that 11 of her students were sexually abused. According to Exitosa Noticias, according to the complaint filed at the Panao Police Station, among the victims are three 8-year-old girls, four 11-year-old girls, one 12-year-old, another 7, and … Read more

They open an investigation into the soccer player Sebastián Villa for a complaint of sexual abuse, according to a source with access to the file

They open an investigation into the soccer player Sebastian Villa

Posted at 16:54 ET (20:54 GMT) Friday, May 20, 2022 playing 2:09 Posted at 16:54 ET (20:54 GMT) Friday, May 20, 2022 0:39 Posted at 16:53 ET (20:53 GMT) Friday, May 20, 2022 0:59 Posted at 16:52 ET (20:52 GMT) Friday, May 20, 2022 0:52 Posted at 15:48 ET (19:48 GMT) Friday, May 20, 2022 … Read more

Fabián Sanabria: Prosecutor requests preclusion of case for sexual harassment

This Friday, May 20, a hearing was set up before the 50th criminal judge of the Bogotá circuit in which the Prosecutor’s Office, which in January of this year charged the sociologist Fabian Sanabrianow requested the preclusion of the case for sexual harassment. (Also read: Defense of Fabián Sanabria asks that his case for sexual … Read more

Sebastián Villa, accused of sexual abuse: the reasons for the suspension of the statement of the key witness of the complaint

1653059672 Sebastian Villa accused of sexual abuse the reasons for the

Instagram @sebastian14villa The testimony before the Justice of the gynecologist of the Penna Hospital who treated the young woman who denounced the Boca Juniors soccer player Sebastian Villa And that I would have advised filing a complaint because he had injuries consistent with sexual abuse It was suspended because the doctor is on a trip … Read more