The first vibrators in history – La Sonrisa de Aphrodite

The first vibrators in history La Sonrisa de Aphrodite

It was invented to relieve doctors of the long and laborious task that had been carried out since ancient times: massages aimed at relieving the aforementioned “Hysteria”, which manifested itself by pain in the lower part of the stomach, a certain inexplicable lubrication of the vagina, and that was accompanied by nervousness, insomnia and “hot … Read more

The new soft menu

The new soft menu

The Kingdom of Love on the Isle of Cythera, Tristan Lhermitte, 1659. We are in the 17th century, at the time of literary salons which advocated love in the feminine. And this love, which requires certain qualities, will find a representation in the form of a geography, today very well known: The Tender Cardoriginally “card … Read more

La Copa Menstrual: Información y Modo de Empleo – La Sonrisa de Afrodita

1647445274 La Copa Menstrual Informacion y Modo de Empleo La

¡Vamos a conocer paso a paso cómo usar este maravilloso invento de la copa menstrual! Esterilizar la copa menstrual Empieza por esterilizar la copa antes del primer uso. Para ello, puedes utilizar los siguientes métodos de desinfección de la copa menstrual: La manera más sencilla: hervirla en agua durante 3 minutos. Para ello solo tienes … Read more