Modern Shrew!

Modern Shrew scaled

In 1594, when he wrote the tamed shrew, William Shakespeare could not have imagined that his text would find an echo of great relevance nearly 400 years later. Frédérique Lazarini’s daring staging, which transposes the shrew in the Italian cinema of the 1950s, thus emphasizing the timeless character of this comedy, beyond the evolution of … Read more

Married at 12!

Married at 12

Screenshot of the clip “Saying #IDONT to Child Marriage” by the KAFA association This staging (click on the link) which revolted all the passers-by present in April 2016 on this seaside in Beirut, sequence shot with actors in hidden camera by the Kafa association (“That’s enough!”, in Arabic), association against violence and exploitation of women … Read more

Buy and sell used panties Seriously? ▷ Blog SEX and SEXUALITY

1641385148 Buy and sell used panties Seriously ▷ Blog SEX and

MISOFILIA, EXCITATION FOR THE CLOTHING USED Sexuality is an aspect of the human being characterized, among other things, by its richness and variety. We already know that sex and pleasure are not solely determined by sexual relationships that involve intercourse or penetration. Likewise, sexual arousal is a part of sexuality that depends exclusively on each … Read more

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