Attention | Fabián Sanabria was formally charged with the crime of sexual abuse

The Attorney General’s Office charged before the 17th judge in Bogotá with the crime of violent carnal access aggravated by university professor Fabián Sanabria Sánchez. The investigating entity warned that the events occurred on September 22, 2013 in an apartment in the center of the capital of the Republic.

The data mentioned in the indictment indicates that the professor attached to the National University invited a young man to his apartment, located in the Las Aguas sector, who had told him that he was interested in reviewing his resume to get a job, since he had many financial needs.

In the short meeting, the teacher would have given the 25 year old a black drink (no specification) while showing her his apartment. The young man became dizzy a few minutes after ingesting it, at which point Sanabria would have tried to kiss him twice. At that moment the student tried to resist and flee from the place, however, the university professor used violence.

“He climbed on top of him and told him to let himself be petted like cats, this is that it allows itself to be strapped on the tail. He puts him face down, preventing him from getting up (…) He grabs a strap to hit him, which infuriates Sanabria, so he hits him in the body multiple times, ”said the prosecutor at the reading of the indictment.

Later, with the student completely bent over, he agrees to “penetrate him anally, putting pressure on him so that he cannot get up (…) When he finishes penetrating him, he leaves the room, a moment that the young man takes advantage of to get dressed, grab your resume and leave the apartment.”

The prosecutor in the case pointed out that in this case presented an aggravating circumstance, since the victim arrived in Sanabria by circumstances of time, mode and place, starting from the fact of the recognition that the teacher had in the academic world. Knowing his experience and position at the National University, he contacted him to help him.

In this sense, there was a case of trust that did not come from a familiarity condition “but of a character or position that he had in front of the victim.” In her exposition, the prosecutor pointed out that she has the “material evidence elements that allow her to establish that this fact occurred and that its author by way of fraud is Fabián Sanabria Sánchez.”

In different judicial courts, the university professor has declared innocent of these facts, indicating that the sexual relationship was consensual.


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Attention | Fabián Sanabria was formally charged with the crime of sexual abuse