Atrocious case in Atlántico: Three-month-old baby dies with signs of sexual violence

An reprehensible act of sexual abuse was recorded in the municipality of Galapa (Atlántico), after a minor -just three months old- was carnally accessed apparently by his 17-year-old stepfather, in events that occurred over the weekend in said jurisdiction.

According to information from the authorities, the mother of the baby I would have left her in the care of the young man adolescent in the Mundo Feliz urbanization. It was then that she, seeing herself alone with the minor, decided to sexually abuse her, causing her various wounds in her intimate parts and, generating affectations in health.

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The mayor of the municipality of Galapa, José Fernando Vargas, deeply regretted the events recorded and asked for maximum sentence for the adolescent, who was already apprehended by the authorities, while the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office conduct investigations of the case.

“It is a reprehensible fact that deserves the rigor of the law for the person responsible”, noted the president. He expressed that it is outrageous this type of situation in which a young acts with savagery and cruelty against a baby girl just beginning to see the light of day.

“Plus outrageous It is still true that this event happened precisely at the end of Children’s Day, in which we all embrace those who constitute the new generations,” Vargas stressed.

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Regarding this case, the Secretary of Government of Galapa, Luis Oquendo, has indicated that, once the fact was known, an operation was installed with the National Police that allowed the arrest of the alleged perpetrator in the facilities of the local hospital in Galapa, where the minor had been taken by her maternal grandmother for have vomiting and fever.

“We reiterate the call to all parents and guardians about the responsibility we have to watch over and protect our children, also from report immediately in the face of events that represent a danger to their integrity,” he said.

Regarding the mother, it was determined that she is an adult woman who was working at the time the events occurred, according to the versions provided by her. The authorities they are investigating to clarify what happened in this case.

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Atrocious case in Atlántico: Three-month-old baby dies with signs of sexual violence