Asks if she wants oral sex while doing her manicure

Lucia Martin | November 24, 2021
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My mother tells me that last Sunday, when she was left with the friends, a good one was put together in the churrería and laughter could be heard at the other end of the street. My mother has a good habit to meet her friends, like many other ladies of a certain age, to eat churros with chocolate (or coffee, depending on the appetite), on Sunday afternoons. Even the neighborhood churrería they approach, very dignified, and they put a few churros between their chests and their backs. And then to top it all they have dinner at home, they are crazy and not afraid of cholesterol or sugar.

The fact is that that day La Lupe came to the meeting, who is the most dignified of the group of friends of my holy mother and who, in times, was a doctor, a dermatologist to be exact. Although now retired, La Lupe is a highly educated lady and continues to read like a bookworm even though, according to herself, her eyes get tired. She was widowed a few years ago and she goes down the street very pretty, very stylish. The fact is that La Lupe arrived and as soon as she put her ass on the chair she told them that she had to tell them something, but that it was very ordinary and that she didn’t know how to tell it. There was an awkward silence at the table until Gloria, the most mischievous of all, said: “Let’s see, Lupe, we don’t have years to wait, don’t be interesting and let go of it now.” And Lupe blurted it out: it turns out that the week before she had gone to her trusted local where she gets her manicures and pedicures done, because she is very flirtatious and likes to wear spotless hands and feet. And there he was with the Chinese doing his nails when, at the end of his left hand, he looked at her very seriously and said: «Madam, do you want me to eat your pussy?».

According to what Lupe said, there was a scandal at the table of father and dear sir, among those who laughed at the same time as they said “Oh, my pee escapes, thank goodness I have put on the Tena Lady” and my A mother who defended that she was making it up, that Raúl (the Chinese, because we already know that the Chinese give themselves the most Spanish names, such as Raúl, Pedro or Nieves, because none of us can pronounce theirs) that could never have done it. Never of ever. And Lupe erre que erre, yes, holding on to the laughter (and the pee) as best she could: that she had clearly told her that he ate her pussy. And pronouncing it well, Lupe detailed: «that he had not said Do you want me to eat your pussy?, but rather pronouncing the Rs correctly, which is why he has been here for more than 15 years ».

No one doubted Raúl’s knowledge of the language because he had pronounced it correctly and also using the word “chocho”, showing that he had a street, as my teen. Raúl, on the subject of sex, does not lack a street, there is no doubt but he has plenty of daring, yes, because Lupe got up very indignant and red as a tomato (that they blush with almost 80 sticks seems wonderful to me) and she went out as she could on the street. Heated, she came out and, excited, she commented on it to her friends while she put another churro (and not Raúl’s, don’t think badly) in her mouth. Because although she argued that this was a total lack of respect, that she was a regular customer of ChiLu nails because she really liked how they were left, better than the beautician at the hairdresser, who was also more expensive, but she would never come back there. Because her patatona (Lupe is Catalan) nobody ate it except her late Gerardo. She said it convinced and a little proud too: after all, a guy who was almost three times his age had made an indecent proposal and that, dear ones, you don’t hear every day.

And so they were laughing the rest of the afternoon, rambling on whether Raúl, the lascivious Chinese who wants to eat old cunts, would tell all the clients or only those of a certain age. The fact is that, now that I fall, for some time now they have proliferated in my neighborhood and I bet my neck that in other neighborhoods of Madrid too, many places where they do their nails, maybe there is no cat locked in this As in the theme of the yogurt ice cream parlors, it seems that there are no more flavors? What is really hiding behind these seemingly innocent businesses?

From here, I show my solidarity with Raúl because I’m sure they pay him badly and he has to do extra services, like eating pussies, which he may not like, but he has to lend himself to it to round off the month. And all I can say is that enough of taboos and hypocrisies, let’s call things by their name: to see when they replace those signs of Chu Li Nails (who was the butler on the Falcon Crest series, gray hair readers will remember) for “They Eat Pussies.”

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Asks if she wants oral sex while doing her manicure

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