The flag of asexual pride. The black band represents asexuality, the gray, the semi-sexuality, the white, the non-asexual partners and the purple band, the community.

Following the Gender Studies, sexual orientation and identity have become the key points in the understanding of a sexuality centered on lived experience in the youngest generations, in direct continuity with the movement for the liberation of homosexuality which constituted the great struggle of the twentieth century for the understanding of sexuality. In the field of “social deconstructivism”, this enterprise of “deconstruction” of traditional benchmarks – particularly in terms of gender orientation – today offers a continuum (a “fluidity”) between trends and orientations in an attempt to describe at the closer to experiences which are not necessarily homogeneous but correspond to the feelings of minorities. The new concept ofasexuality is part of this movement to take into account the immense variability of experiences of sexuality, which is now widely studied in the United States.

Among the different sexual orientations, homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality are documented orientations but not theasexuality which seems a more heterogeneous category.

For the Asexuality Studies, a movement of identity research which wishes to be recognized as a discipline in its own right, theasexuality is defined by the absence of sexual attraction, an asexual person not feeling the need to have sex with another person, although abstinence is not an absolute criterion, some asexuals having a masturbatory practice .

The documentary (ON) LIVING WITHOUT SEXUALITY, by Ovid and Tancrède Ramonet, which allows us to deepen this complex question, will be broadcast on France Culture cevery day from Monday April 12, 2021 at 5 p.m. as part of the LSD show and will then be available as a podcast. It consists of 4 episodes.

Episode 1 : Sexualities prevented

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, sexuality is considered a basic physiological need, just like breathing, food, or rest. Stopping sex would therefore amount to depriving ourselves of one of our essential functions. So is it so easy to quit? And first of all what are we talking about? Does the body go to sleep? Do the rules stop? Do we stop bending forever? And how do those whose sexuality is prevented live?

Episode 2 : Lack of sexuality, a social anomaly

Last September 11, Lio revealed at Augustin Trappenard’s microphone that he had not “kissed” for eight years. More astonishing still, this one admitted that all her life her desire had been subjected to that of the men. By this simple affirmation, Lio put his finger on one of the great taboos of our modern society: the happy, even liberating, absence of sex. The problem ? Stopping sex is often seen as a form of social anomaly.

Episode 3 : The virtues of abstinence

Sexuality has always been THE great philosophical and moral problem. And abstinence has appeared since the dawn of time as the solution to human and even divine ills: at the origins of Hellenic culture, Greek mythology relates, for example, that the creation of the world was made possible only through the castration of ‘Ouranos. With the sexual liberation of the 1960s / 70s, it all might have ended up looking archaic. However abstinence until today continues to have its defenders, in the most diverse fields.

Episode 4 : Getting out of sexuality, a political act

From Madeleine Pelletier who advocated political chastity to Virginie Despentes, via Monique Wittig, the question of the compatibility of feminism with heterosexuality has never completely ceased to arise. And it arises all the more now because since #MeToo, many are the women who feel in the impossibility of continuing to maintain a heteronormative relationship.

A series to follow live and in podcast to approach the complexity of the subject “sexuality”.


(About) Living without sexuality, France Culture Monday 12, Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14, Thursday 15 April 2021 at 5 p.m. and in podcast.

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