Arrested for sexual assault on a girl in Ortuella, who suspends her parties

This afternoon there was a concentration of rejection in the center of town. / Ignatius Perez

500 neighbors show their rejection and the festive commission suspends the celebrations “at least” this weekend

A man, who according to the neighbors could be around twenty, was arrested yesterday morning accused of sexual assault on a young woman at the Ortuella parties. More than 500 people demonstrated yesterday afternoon at the txosnas and concert venue, very close to where the attack took place. In that same concentration, the festive commission of the first patron saint celebrations in the town after the pandemic announced the suspension of all yesterday’s acts and “at least” also today. “On Wednesday the 18th, the big day, there will only be children’s events and the organization has to decide what to do on the second holiday weekend,” confirmed the mayor, Saulo Nebreda.

The events occurred around two in the morning, when a phone call to SOS Deiak warned of the sexist attack. “It occurred right on the promenade below the Otxartaga square,” assured members of the organizing committee, who denounced that the young woman suffered a violation. When the Ertzaintza patrols arrived, they contacted the victim, who was assisted at first by an Ertzaina and to whom she told what had happened. With this information, a device was set up in which the regional police had the collaboration of the urban guard and which allowed the alleged aggressor to be identified shortly afterwards. After being identified, he was taken to a police station, where at press time he was waiting to be brought to justice.

“We understand that we have been waiting for a long time to enjoy our parties, but now more than ever we have to set an example and condemn this type of act,” said the txosnas commission in a statement, whose representatives demonstrated with a banner with the phrase ‘! Rapists to the stake!’. Together with them, the director of the Emakunde Basque Women’s Institute, Izaskun Landaida, participated in the rally, showing her “outright” condemnation of the attack and her full support for the victim and her family. In addition, she stressed that “if we really want to enjoy parties free of aggression, everyone’s involvement is mandatory.” The local president himself insisted on this idea when recalling that the institutional declaration signed by all the political groups of the City Council asks the neighbors to “always maintain an attitude of zero tolerance towards any act of sexist violence.”

“Always in front”

The indignation shown by the participants in the massive act of protest made it clear that the public is not willing to accept this type of aggression any more. ‘The rapists will always have us in front of us,’ read one of the banners. And her words confirmed that maxim. «We are fed up; we don’t want to be brave, we want to be free”, shouted many women. The txosnas commission itself picked up the gauntlet and, after demanding “safe” festive spaces, insisted that “we will not remain silent in the face of any aggression.” They stressed that the festive venue was closed to the ground as soon as they became aware of what happened to collaborate in the search for the suspect.

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Arrested for sexual assault on a girl in Ortuella, who suspends her parties