Are 8-year-old girls and boys interested in sexuality? – SEXDUCATION

From 6 years of primary school, until puberty 9-10 years, beginning of puberty, the most important stage to carry out preventive sexual education.

As there are usually no “emergencies”: erotic relationships have not started, there are no risks of pregnancy, or STIs, it is an excellent opportunity to talk about what is really IMPORTANT.

A few days ago, during the talk about SEXUAL EDUCATION IN THE FAMILY ENVIRONMENT, We commented that girls and boys do not go into torpor at 6 years old and awaken their curiosity about sexuality at 12 years old, when they start high school. At this age, if they have not heard of sexuality in their family, they have already made a living on their own.

Quite the contrary, it is in this 6-12 year age range when they have more questions and curiosities, but why do we think not?

Many girls and boys at an early age they have already internalized that it is a “forbidden subject” that it is better not to talk about. They tend to spend more time away from home, they have more autonomy and most of their games are with their friends. But if we look their way of relating and their gamesmany of them have to do with contact and affective relationships: they look for each other, they touch each other, they caress each other, they become couples, they fall in love, they fall out of love…

Furthermore, at this age, they are already seeing and hearing many things on television, in movies, in series, and not all of them may be understanding them.

we can start to talk about “everything to come”, anticipate the bodily changes that girls and boys will live in their skin. We can talk about menstruation, ejaculation, sexual attraction, love, homosexuality and everything we think is important and what we would like them to know at these ages.

What if we don’t know how to start?

Giving them a book can always help us EYE! We must read it before to prepare ourselves in case they ask us.


Sex…what is it? Development, body changes, sex and sexual health.

Authorship: Robie H. Harris and Michael Emberley. ED SERRES 2006


What do I have down here?

Author: Rosa Sanchís Caudet. ED Bullent, 2007 (also in Catalan)


Sex education in early childhood. Guide for mothers, fathers and teachers of Early Childhood Education

Sex education for boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old. Guide for mothers, fathers and teachers of Primary Education.

These last two guides can be downloaded in PDF from the following link:

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Are 8-year-old girls and boys interested in sexuality? – SEXDUCATION

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