AP Reporter Exhibits ARMY Threats for Questioning a BTS Collaboration on ‘Proof’

Juwon-Parka reporter for the AP news agency, turned to social networks to denounce a series of threats and cyber harassment by members of ARMY, as the group is known. bts fandom, abroad; after questioning why the K-Pop band included in “proof” -his new album- the credits of a singer accused of sexual assault.

Through a series of screenshots in which you can see the multiple messages he has received through Twitter, Park highlights that both BTS as their management agency Hybe They maintain a discourse on human rights and self-esteem, however, they denounce that they “turn a blind eye” to the cyber violence carried out by their followers, who threaten, insult and even discriminate against reporters who dare to question the group.

“Hundreds of messages come to me every day. From death threats to threats of being fired from the company and sexual insults,” Park’s message on Twitter reads, where through a thread asked Hybe for an answer about “the toxic side” of the fandom.

Who is Jung Bobby and what is he accused of?

Some reporters both in South Korea and in the international press questioned BTS’s decision to include on their next studio album, “proof”the credit of Jung Bobbya singer and producer who currently He is on trial for assaulting a woman he was dating and for illegally recording a sex tape.

Jung Bobby’s credit appears on “Filters”, the song performed by Park Jimin in “Map of the Soul: 7”, according to the Meaw entertainment site. The song is included in “Proof”, which is presented as an anthology that collects all the hits of the band made up of RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook and V.

For your part Jung Bobbyformer component of the independent band Autumn Vacation, is also a former record producer who worked on older BTS songs. In 2020 a sex scandal was uncovered in which he was involved and for which he is currently on trial, just a while after being released filter.

Bobby’s name is circled in the image

Bobby Jung was accused ofsexually assaulting women and filming oneself having sex with them.

It is not the first time that BTS has been questioned about its close relationship with a controversial person, because just last April, ARMY questioned the friendship of Jungkook with the rapper Jay Park.

Why is ARMY a trend?

In social networks, the word ARMY became a trend in social networks, after Juwon Park’s complaint of being threatened by the BTS fandom for questioning the inclusion of Jung Bobby’s credit in “Proof”.

“Racism and death threats are coming from other reporters who also raised the issue (of Jung Bobby). The ARMY (fandom) has grown (and) as it grows, but there is no internal self-cleaning capacity, and although Hive (Hybe) and BTS are fully aware of the racism and hate in the fandom, it’s an irresponsible situation where they don’t intervene at all.”

He stated that cyber bullying towards journalists who “criticize” BTS has taken dimensions of self-censorshipdue to what he considered a “terrorism” of social networks in which ARMY declares itself the winner when reporters are fired or cancel their social networks due to harassment.

ARMY cyber terrorism (and other K-pop fandoms) has created an atmosphere where journalists self-censor and critical articles are avoided as much as possible. Even if they do write, if they are targeted by cyberterrorism, the reporters have no choice but to delete the article or the tweet. The fandom then declares victory and celebrates.”

Finally, he accused that some ARMYs have also created accounts with his name to pressure him to apologize, for which he insisted Hybe take action on the matter and establish a position regarding this type of harassment of the fandom.

“@HYBEOFFICIALtwt Hive, as much as Bangtan asks for peace and Love yourself at the UN, what do you do? Fans hide behind anonymity like this, trying to break the pen, insulting and threatening reporters Are you going to keep you away from Hive?”

It should be noted that in the trend, ARMY accuses the journalist of “victimism” and of discrediting the fandom by creating an “unnecessary controversy” prior to the release of “Proof” on June 10.

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AP Reporter Exhibits ARMY Threats for Questioning a BTS Collaboration on ‘Proof’