“Anatomy of a Scandal”, the British series that displaced “Bridgerton” in Netflix’s Global Top 10

It was seen coming. Just two weeks after its premiere in Netflix“Anatomy of a Scandal”, an English dramatic and judicial series, became the most watched on the planet, leaving behind “Bridgerton”, also an English series of dramatic and romantic genre that is in its second season. “Anatomy of a Scandal”, as its original name is, is a plot starring Rupert Friend and Michelle Dockery.

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Directed by Melisa James Gibson (of House of Cards), and written by David E. Kelley (of Big Little Lies, Ally McBeal), “Anatomy of a Scandal” features James Whitehouse (Friend Rupert), a British government minister, rich and powerful, close friend of Prime Minister Tom Southern (Geoffrey Streatfeild), whom he met in his student years at Oxford University when they were both part of the exclusive Libertines Club.

The story of the series also narrates the personal and married life of James, who met Sophie (Sienna Miller) in Oxford, whom he married and had two children. However, the perfect home and the privileged life of the Whitehouses are affected by the revelation of a newspaper about the affair that James had with his assistant in Parliament, Olivia Lytton (Naomi Scott), who will aggravate the situation by accusing him of rape. to James, which is why he is separated from the government and faces trial.

The series chronicles the dark and corrupt acts within the British system and government (Photo: Netflix)


Now, with just one week in the Global Top 10, it’s No. 1 worldwide, and by far: “Anatomy of a Scandal” racked up 75.6 million hours viewed, while Anthony and Kate’s romance, in “Bridgerton”, it reached 46 million.

Completing the Netflix ranking are “Conversations With a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes” (number 3, with 37.5 million hours viewed), “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” (number 4, 29 million), “Selling Sunset” season five (No. 5, 28.4 million), “Bridgerton” season one (No. 6, 17.3 million), “Hearstopper” (No. 7, 14.6 million) , “The Creature Cases” (No. 8, 13.6 million), the tenth season of “Married at First Sight” (No. 9, 12.8 million) and the new work of the producer of Michelle and Barack Obama, “Our Great National Parks” (No. 10, 11.8 million).

It premiered on Netflix last April 15 and there are 6 episodes (Photo: Rupert Friend / Instagram)
It premiered on Netflix last April 15 and there are 6 episodes (Photo: Rupert Friend / Instagram)


It is clear that the main one is the public’s preference for dramatic and judicial fiction anchored in a political context, such as the British government and system. “It’s really nice of Boris Johnson and the government that they’re putting so much publicity on us.”Sarah Vaughan, the author of the bestseller on which the production is based, told the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar. Barnard Castle, the partygate, that presumption that the current administration can just break the rules endlessly. It’s kind of weird how well it all fits in with the series,” he added.

However, there are five reasons why “Anatomy of a Scandal” -a 6-episode thriller- has made a strong impression on the eyes and minds of Netflix users.

1. Sienna Miller’s stellar performance

The series tells from the eyes of Sophie’s character, played by Sienna Miller, who undergoes a radical transformation throughout the six episodes. She is used to the privilege and also to the exposure that her husband’s career brings: the scrutiny of the press, the humiliation of opponents, the harassment of the paparazzi.

2. The great supporting cast

In addition to Miller, Friend and Dockery, the cast is filled with proven actors from stage, film and television. Among them are Sebastian Selwood, Amelie Bea Smith, Ben Radcliffe, Naomi Scott, Josette Simon, Kudzai Sitima, Jonathan Coy and Tom Turner.

3. The “reality” of the facts

While not based on an actual case, the storyline writer Vaughan created draws from the writer’s years as a court reporter. Two in particular: one from 2004, when Johnson was rising among the Conservatives as an MP and the media reported that he had an affair with a Spectator columnist; the other, from 2014, involved soccer player Ched Evans, convicted of raping a 19-year-old girl. Evans obtained a new trial and his defense focused on exposing the accuser’s sexual history and, although this was not directly related to the fact, Evans was found not guilty.

4. The Libertines Club

If the life of the rich always seems interesting, the life of some rich young people who create a Libertines Club in Oxford that few can enter is much more attractive. The series works with flashbacks to introduce the characters’ pasts and fictionalizes a real college fraternity, the Bullingdon Club.

5. The Court Drama Affair

The plot of courtroom drama series is a favorite genre of global audiences, and it is arguably made irresistible by the British pageantry of caps and wigs. Michelle Dockery takes on the role of prosecutor Kate Woodcroft.

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“Anatomy of a Scandal”, the British series that displaced “Bridgerton” in Netflix’s Global Top 10