Anatomy of a Scandal ending explained: Will there be season 2?

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The first season of Anatomy of a Scandal follow the story of a sex scandal in the British upper echelons. Although the story of James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend), Sophie Whitehouse (Sienna Miller), Olivia Lytton (Naomi Scott), Y (Michelle Dockery) has a clear conclusion, it seems that the series will have a second delivery.

According to Deadline, Anatomy of a Scandal was conceived as an anthology serieswhich means that each season will tell a separate story. Despite this, it should be noted that production has yet to be officially renewed. “The idea is that the next seasons focus on different scandals in an anthology format that has echoes of A Very English Scandal,” the publication says.

If it is renewed, the second season may deal with similar themes to those of the first installment, Based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Vaughan. In the future, the series will likely explore topics like privilege, sexual consent and the role of public opinionbut through new stories. The creators of the series have also given a hint about its future.

Anatomy of a Scandal is the work of Melissa James Gibson and David E. Kelleywho have explored similar themes in other of their productions such as The Undoing or Big Little Lies. Besides, the second season is also expected to be based on a novel.

Although everything indicates that it will raise a new story, season 2 could feature some characters from the first installment. Sienna Miller said that Michelle Dockery’s character, the prosecutor who tried to convict James Whitehouse on charges of sexual assault, could go back for the next season. “The series ends with the door ajar regarding Michelle Dockery. What’s the next case she’ll be working on?” she told TODAY.

The First season ends with Kate (Michelle Dockery) dressed for a new trial and looking at the camera, while James is arrested. “The series drops what is to come. It is the beginning of another story at the end. You see James being led into a police car. Kate is about to start a new caseprobably not that one, because you cannot prosecute the same person again. But it definitely gives the impression that there is momentum at the end that could potentially lead to something more,” Dockery said.

“In most of the series Kate is not at peace with who she is as a personwith his past. Through this journey, this great risk that he takes, to prosecute someone he knows, his attacker, he gets closer to who he really is. I think in the end there is a resolution for Kate. I hope he’s happy in the end“, he added.

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Anatomy of a Scandal ending explained: Will there be season 2?