Amber Heard would have been a victim of sexual violence, according to a witness

The American actress Amber Heard said that the trial for the defamation lawsuit filed against her by her ex-husband Johnny Depp is “the most painful and difficult” she has experienced so far, testifying as a witness in court on Wednesday.

For its part, the first witness presented by the actress stated that Johnny Depp tried to force Heard to have sex with him.

When Mr. Depp was drunk or high, he would throw her on the bed, rip her nightgown off, and try to have sex with her. These incidents often occurred in a drug-fueled rage”, said psychologist Shannon Curry, who added that Heard was a victim of sexual violence.

The testimony of the actress in this trial in the court of Fairfax, near Washington, which is broadcast live on television and on social networks, was eagerly awaited.

The actor claims 50 million dollars in damages, which correspond to the income that he would have obtained for his work if he had not been fired from the film projects.

The 36-year-old actress, who starred in the Hollywood blockbusters “Justice League” and “Aquaman”counterattacked and claimed 100 million dollars in turn.

“Panic attacks”

She claims to have suffered “physical violence and assault” from their first date in 2009 and during their difficult marriage that lasted only two years, from 2015 to 2017.

“You have to keep working even though you have panic attacks, difficult memories of the trauma, heart palpitations, sweaty hands when you think about it,” he said.

The actor, who testified as a witness for four days at the end of April, denies having hit her and assures that she was the violent one.

He acknowledged, however, an excessive use of drugs and alcohol that, according to him, he managed to control most of the time.

The level of toxicity of their marriage was such that, according to Johnny Depp, they had become accustomed, each on their own, to recording the fights, which explains why there are so many recordings that have been released since the beginning of the trial.

In 2016, the actress sued her husband for domestic violence, but withdrew the charges during the divorce process.

In April 2018, ‘The Sun’ magazine accused Johnny Depp of being “a violent husband”. The actor sued him, but he lost the trial.

Why did Amber Heard defecate on Johnny Depp’s bed?

In the middle of the trial between both movie stars, a doorman, a chauffeur, a financial advisor and a bodyguard steal the spotlight. In this case, the former driver of the ex-partner, Starling Jenkins III, revealed the reason why Amber Heard defecated on Johnny Depp’s bed.

According to Jenkins III, it was in 2016 that they had a conversation while he was taking the actress to the Coachella festival that year. During the drive, Amber told her that she had played a prank on her ex-husband Depp.

We had a conversation about the surprise he had left on the boss’s bed, before leaving the apartment”, said the driver.

In that sense, in his story he highlighted that what started as a joke was something that ended up going wrong. “A horrible practical joke that went wrong,” said the former employee of Amber and Depp.

Starling Jenkins III asserted that Heard blamed the dogs they had in the house, an argument that did not convince Johnny Depp, since “they are tiny Yorkies, they weigh about two kilos each (…) I lived with those dogs for many years, they were not pets”he added.

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Amber Heard would have been a victim of sexual violence, according to a witness