Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of assault and sexual abuse in tears: “He told me he could kill me”

Amber Heard has testified for the first time in the trial of the lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp for defamation. The ex-wife of the actor has revealed in tears many details of their relationship. She assured on Wednesday that her ex-husband threatened to kill her during an argument they had on their yacht on a trip to the Bahamas. He claimed that Depp took drugs and transformed into another person who assaulted and sexually abused her, that she became a “monster”.

The Hollywood actress took the stand a week after Johnny Depp finished his testimony at the Court of Fairfax, Virginia (USA). The actor asks for a compensation of 50 million dollars for defamation. The lawsuit came after Heard published an article in ‘The Washington Post’ in 2018 where he claimed to have suffered abuse and aggression from his ex-partner.

During his first speech, has contradicted Depp’s version -who assured that he had never hit a woman- assuring that he beat her, sexually abused her and threatened her. During his discussion in the Bahamas, he said on the stand: “Then he grabbed me by the throat, held me for a second and told me that he could kill me and that I was a disgrace.” Depp was in the room during the statement in a distant and serious tone, wearing sunglasses. However, he changed his face upon hearing Heard’s statement.

The details that Heard reveals in his testimony

Amber Heard has not only accused Johnny Depp of sexual assault and abuse, she explained that when they started their relationship “I was madly in love with him”, dreamed of a life together, but nothing has gone right. “I thought he was the love of my life,” she recounted through tears before accusing the actor of sexual assault and abuse.

“I’m having a hard time finding the words to describe how painful this is. It’s horrible for me to sit here for weeks and relive it all. Hearing people I’ve known, my ex-husband, who I’ve shared a life with, talk about our lives as they have. done… This is the most painful and difficult thing I’ve ever been through. began in his speech.

“Let’s do a cavity search”

Heard accuses Depp of sexually abusing her, recounted a moment in the relationship of when the actor became violent because he was looking for some drugs that did not appear. “He took off my underwear and told me: ‘Let’s do a search in the cavity.’ He said he was looking for his cocaine. He put his fingers inside me,” she exclaimed again through tears.

Heard’s psychologist takes statement

The defendant’s psychologist He also spoke at Wednesday’s session. She claimed that the actress could have hit Depp, but that it was nothing compared to ordeal that she had suffered during her marriage. The Dr Dawn Hughes He asserted that the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ told Heard that “the only way out of this relationship is death.”

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Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of assault and sexual abuse in tears: “He told me he could kill me”