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Alorgasmia is the name used to refer to the fact consisting of fantasizing about a person other than the partner while having sex with the partner.

It is a practice in which the imagination plays a very important role since, thanks to it, the person really manages to reach sexual arousal and even orgasm by fantasizing during sex with someone who is not their partner. In this sense, it is something that in some couples can cause problems or conflicts because they consider it a type of “infidelity.” If this is your case and you believe that you need the opinion and help of a professional to better understand the practice or treat the problems that may have arisen as a result of it, the couple therapy It is one of the most recommended options.

Alorgasmia and partner: does it benefit or harm the relationship?

Alorgasmia does not have to be a problem in relationships if it is something that is practiced in a timely manner.

alorgasmia and partner - sexologist MadridIn fact, many times it can help to get out of the sexual routine, since it is an intimate sexual desire that, if shared with the partner, can create a greater complicity between both. Therefore, it can be an effective tool to help us ignite passion and desire and lift us out of sexual monotony.

In this sense, it could not be said, therefore, that it is considered as a mental infidelity.

Putting alorgasmia into practice does not mean that there is a lack of love or affection in the couple or that they are not respected. It is simply a mental process that can improve sexual relations, although many people consider it something negative and harmful for the couple.

In fact, there are many people for whom the fact of fantasizing about other people, whether they are known or unknown, involves a feeling of great guilt. In this sense, when feeling guilty, the only thing that is achieved is to reduce the excitement and not reach the climax.

All sexual fantasies are harmless, as long as they don’t harm our relationship or become an obsession.

Can it become a disorder?

alorgasmia and partner - sexologist MadridIt can become a disorder and pose a problem when used on a regular and recurring basis.

That is, if the person you are fantasizing about is always “present,” it may be a sign that something in the relationship is not working as it should. In these cases, it is necessary to reflect and rethink the reasons why you are always thinking about that person. It should be analyzed why this fantasy is maintained, how it arises and if it is necessary to seek professional help so that it does not end up becoming a problem with our partner that can lead to mistrust in the relationship, distance or even jealousy.

Alorgasmia, therefore, is not harmful as long as there is a balance and it does not become necessary to get excited and feel pleasure.

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Alorgasmia and partner: the keys to this sexual practice – Sexologist Madrid

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