All about the penis: 11 true / false questions

Mr. Penis has many areas of pleasure. And you will see that surprisingly these latter resemble those of Madame Vulva. Meet the male member. This little test was created from the book Club enjoyment, written by June Pla. Answer all the questions true or false.

Three questions of anatomy: bursa, testicles, penile frenulum …

Bursaries and testicles, it’s the same. True or false ?

The frenulum of the penis is a long vein throughout it. True or false ?

False. It’s the tiny piece of hypertensive skin that just connects the base of the foreskin to the glans. And the foreskin, it is the skin that protects the glans and that the circumcised do not have.

The pre-seminal fluid announces ejaculation but does not contain semen. True or false ?

False. The misnamed pre-cum, “it’s wet that can come out as soon as you are aroused”, explains the author of Club enjoyment. And it may also contain some stray sperm.

Warm / heated briefs can be used as male contraception. True or False?

True. This is what we call thermal contraception, one of the methods of male contraception already available. And our ancestors had obviously understood this since they knitted woolen briefs for the same reasons: they found that people working near heat zones had fertility problems. The principle ? The sperm are produced at a temperature slightly below that of the body, on the order of 1 to 2 ° C below 37 ° C. High temperature impairs spermatogenesis and the sperm count is no longer sufficient to be fertile.

Based on this observation, Dr Roger Mieusset, andrologist at the Toulouse University Hospital, developed a contraceptive underwear which pulls the testicles up and pushes them against the body, keeping them at 37 ° C (instead of the 35 ° C measured when they hang a few inches from the crotch). Other methods have also been developed: ring, Jockstrap (note: if the technique seems to work very well, it must be worn for 15 hours per 24! And the method is reversible: it takes a few months to recover its normal spermiogenesis) .

Circumcised men have less feeling than their colleagues. True or false ?

False. Studies do not point in this direction, as evidenced by this article from Figaro. What our sexperte confirms in his book about men who were circumcised at a late age : “There is a priori no rules. Some find that their sensitivity has decreased; others note that it is better than before; there are those who find that nothing has changed; and then others who have pain from friction (but they are rather rare). “

The penis has 5 pleasure zones. True or false ?

Wrong of course! According to June Pla, there are about ten of them: glans, glans rim, frenulum, cavernous body and spongy body (all penis body wholesale), bursae, bulb (located just before the anus), anus, rectum and prostate. Depending on his moods and his style, Monsieur Pénis is more sensitive to certain places than others, but overall it is in the best interests of everyone to visit them all from top to bottom, because they say that he is a well-hidden gem. .

Controlling his perineum allows men to have better erections. True or False?

True. Not to mention that this allows better management of his ejaculation, as well as stronger sensations, profound or unheard of. In short, a must!

Sometimes the foreskin is no longer able to retract. True or false ?

True. This is calleda “phimosis”and can cause discomfort or pain during penetration. A doctor will know how to guide the man in his procedures. A circumcision or a foreskin-plasty may possibly be a solution.

The back vein can help a man kick start an erection. True or false ?

True. As June Pla explains, Mr. Penis will regain all his strength if you put pressure on this vein: “You just have to press hard enough to cut off the circulation: the blood having no emergency exit makes your blood swell. sex. There you go, it’s concrete. “

The penis can shrink with age, especially if it is not used. True or false ?

True. Male sexuality specialist, Dr Edward Zimmerman, alias “DickDoc on TikTok”, Which is a hit on this platform thanks to his short videos, where he responds without taboo to a question from an Internet user about the penis, confirmed this strange phenomenon. Krista Torres, journalist for BuzzFeed, interviewed Dr. Edward Zimmerman about the penis, and the questions he is often asked about it. We learn that if the penis grows until about the twenties, at the end of puberty, the penis length can also suffer from the passage of time.

Penises shrink with agee, just as you lose volume in your face, neck or back of your hands, or any extremity. […] At the bottom you will lose girth first, and due to microfractures, use or lack of use of the penis, you will also lose length.“, Assured Dr. Zimmerman, adding that we are here clearly in a situation of figure”use it or lose it”, literally “use or lose”. It would therefore be better to regularly “train” your penis and have regular erections, in order to maintain a certain elasticity of the tissues.

An early penis ejaculates in less than 10 minutes. True or false ?

False. It is under 2 minutes: “The average duration of a coitus changes from 2 to 10 minutes!” Below 2 minutes, the person is indeed precocious. “

Your results:

  • You have a majority of correct answers: you are very familiar with Don Pénis’ anatomy and how it works. You have taken and the time to discover your gender or take the time to take an interest in that of your partner. Well done ! You have all the assets in your purses to give (you) good times.
  • You have as many “true” as “false”: you don’t know everything about the tip of the glans, but you still have a good general idea of ​​how male sex is done. With a little more reading and practice, you should quickly brush up on your ass culture.
  • You have a majority of wrong answers: Tell you! Wouldn’t we have skipped all SVT courses? You really have to look more seriously at the subject, it can still be useful, to you or to the other. But hey, in real life, you do what you want.

Here you are, you probably know a little more about these jewels that are the penises and their family jewels. Now all you have to do is put it into practice …

For more info and drawings, visit theinstagram Enjoyment Club or read Jouissance Club, a mapping of pleasure (June Pla, ed. Marabout).

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All about the penis: 11 true / false questions

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