Alfredo Leuco gave his opinion on the complaint of sexual abuse against José Alperovich: “The night is coming”

Justice prosecuted for sexual abuse of former Tucuman governor and former senator José Alperovich. In the criminal and correctional courts of Buenos Aires they confirmed this decision after Alperovich he refused to answer questions and that he was summoned three times to make a preliminary statement. Through the networks, the accused said that the complaint was false and that the objective was to exclude him from the political scene. She is so cheeky that the only thing she needed was to appeal to the Lawfare like her friend Christina. They are so obvious. All the perpetrators become the victims and the persecuted. But this processing is a very important step. Night is coming to Alperovich. A shot to the side of justice.

He is the most powerful prosecuted for sexual crimes in Argentina.

On top of that, he has the complicit silence of the group of kirchnerist women that only firmly condemns and denounces when the rapists do not have the same party shirt. Alperovich is a friend of Cristina and that gives it a shield. On women’s day, on the march, there was not a single poster asking for the truth, trial, punishment and conviction of Alperovich. Today the judicial chicanes are over.

The first complaint was in December 2017. Too much time passed.

Until when such impunity?

The victim’s accusation assures that there was, at least seven cases of aggravated sexual abuse and that two occurred in the department of Madero Port from Alperovich and the remaining five at the former governor’s campaign headquarters.

The very serious criminal complaint against Joseph Alperovich it was made by his niece, at the age of 29. There is no record of an accusation of such magnitude against one of the most powerful politicians in Argentina. Alperovich ruled Tucumán with an iron hand for 12 years in a row. It is not parsley. He is not a legislator of the heap. We are talking about someone who colonized justice, bent several media outlets and perpetrated nepotism rarely seen. He seeded the state with his relatives.

While he was the chief of Tucumán, he multiplied his fortune several times without being able to explain it clearly. From the car dealership he went on to construction, real estate, financial companies, fields with cattle and soybeans and citrus export. He used the provincial health plane for personal matters.

José Alperovich has cattle and soybean plantations

That is why we can place it within the category of “brick feudalism K”. For something, a wide sector of Tucumans baptized it as “The Tsar”. The rejection caused by his figure led him to come out fourth in the last elections, behind Ricardo Bussi, the son of the fearsome genocide.

All this gives unprecedented power to the accusations made by her niece in a letter she published The Gazette and with two presentations before the Tucuman and Buenos Aires justices.

The identity of the complainant cannot be revealed but Alperovich, in another example of rogue impunity, he did it through the networks. We will simply call it Florence.

I ask the listeners that if there are children who are listening, they move them away from the radio because I want to relate with all the necessary crudeness what florence He says his second uncle made him. Poor florenceat the time he had to testify for three hours before the prosecutor Maria del Carmen Reuter who was appointed by Alperovich like many of the members of the Tucuman judiciary. Florence was personal assistant to Alperovich. In a fragment of his text, florence says: “I didn’t want him to kiss me. She did the same. I didn’t want him to touch me. She did the same. I didn’t want him to penetrate me. she did the same.”. She calls him a monster and gives details of how he repeatedly raped her for a year and a half. “The enslavement was devastating. I have never cried so much in my life,” the girl wrote.

Alperovich also said that he had denounced florence for threats, although he did not ratify them in court and that they are “blackmailed”, a neologism that surely combines blackmailed with blackmail.

One thing that draws a lot of attention is the silence of his controversial wife, the Tsarina Beatriz Rojkes. She lowered her political profile since she confirmed her inhuman savagery in front of a humble man from Tucuman who demanded machinery from her to solve a flood issue in his neighborhood. The Tsarina He told him verbatim:Piece of animal, lazy of m…, I have ten mansions”.

For Leuco, Alperovich is "the most powerful prosecuted for sexual crimes in Argentina"
For Leuco, Alperovich is “the most powerful defendant for sexual crimes in Argentina”Fernando Font – Archive

florence, the girl who denounced the former governor has police custody because she is afraid they will kill her. Among the evidence provided by the complainant there is an exchange of telephone messages where she always talks about work and he replies “I will always protect you, you are my owner.”

All batterers and rapists must be firmly combated regardless of the partisan shirt. A couple of guys from The Campora they were accused and the group did everything to hide the issue, LLucas Carrasco was sentenced before his death to 9 years in prison for rape, a university professor who was a former member of 678 It was also pointed out by several female students and militants K.

Hopefully the case Alperovich do not suffer the same fate and do not try to hide it under a cloak of silence and complicity.

The instructions are very clear.

Not one less. Not one more raped.

Not another rapist.

We love them alive.

We love them prisoners.

We want to thank the writer of this short article for this incredible material

Alfredo Leuco gave his opinion on the complaint of sexual abuse against José Alperovich: “The night is coming”