Alert due to the increase in cases of sexual abuse against minors in schools in Bogotá

According to figures from Early Warning System of the District Secretary of Educationfrom the beginning of the year 2022 to the end of March of the current year, there have been 3,265 alleged cases of sexual violence against children and adolescents in Bogota public schools.

the councilor of the party Free Fair Colombia, Emel Rojasassured that this is a worrying figure and called for attention from the District to take the corresponding measures.

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“We are very concerned about the reports that alerts give us about sexual violence against our children in the schools of the District, of the 3,265 cases reported these 2 years, we have to 909 corresponds to acts that were allegedly committed against children under 10 years of age and 2,356 against people over 10 up to 17 years old. Also 74% of cases are filed against girlshe detailed.

In addition, he added that currently inside the disciplinary control office of the Education secretaryare only found 163 disciplinary proceedings for alleged sexual abuse, Harassment and acts of disrespect against minors in public schools, where those responsible would be the teachers or administrative staff of the institutions and who, for the most part, would not have any procedural progress against them.

Councilor Rojas also assured that despite the complaints, there has been a repression in the cases of the complaints filed, which presumably could be causing a level of impunity within the district entity.

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“Of those 163 disciplinary processes so only 17 are in the failure stage, 25 remain stalled for more than 2 years in the preliminary investigation stage and the rest are without any real progress in the investigation stage, which denotes a clear lack of commitment on the part of the Ministry of Education with the sanction of the alleged perpetrators” he assured.

For its part, the Ministry of Education assured that the entity has an alert system, through which schools can generate alerts through the following modules: abuse and violence, early maternity and paternity, accidents, learning disorders, consumption of psychoactive substances and suicidal behavior that allow the authorities to determine actions more quickly.

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Alert due to the increase in cases of sexual abuse against minors in schools in Bogotá