Actor of the series “The Wonder Years” is accused of sexual harassment

The wonderful years” It has been one of the most iconic and endearing series in the history of television, since it saw various generations grow up who identified with the plot. However, it was recently revealed that fred savageactor who played Kevin Arnold, protagonist of the series, was removed from the production of the remake due to “Innapropiate behaviours” (sexual harassment).

However, this is not the first time that the actor has been singled out for this type of accusation, since although the production did not detail what happened, in the past there have been many women who point out that savage touched them without their consent.

The wonderful years” was a series that was filmed and broadcast between 1988 and 1993. The remake of this was announced in 2020 and would have a Kevin in its adult version that recalled his years and experiences during his youth. For this Proyect, savage he would act as actor, producer and director of seven of the 20 chapters; however, the project had to be stopped by his dismissal.

Why was Fred Savage removed from the series?

Although the production did not detail the reasons, People revealed that various sources indicated that the 45-year-old actor was very easily angered on set, especially now that he had taken on the role of director and general producer.

These sources indicated that fred savage He “tended to go over the top” when it came to work, asking for scenes to be shot over and over again for no reason and forcing the crew to stay off his schedule.

“He works his crews pretty hard by always doing more takes than necessary,” stated one crew member, adding, “Some directors just go overboard. Sometimes they feel like they didn’t get the performance they wanted or they just want to try another angle or stuff like that. He goes overboard and the days are longer, so he gives the team more opportunity to criticize him.”

A second source spoke of the way the actor behaved on set: “He tends to have a bad temper and occasional outbursts.”

The news of his separation was given by the production on May 6 through a statement, in which he assured: “Recently, we were informed about a series of inappropriate behaviors by fred savageConsequently, an investigation was launched in this regard. Once this process was completed, the decision was to culminate with his role as executive producer and director of “The wonderful years””.

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is not the first time that savage faces these types of accusations. In 2018, Monique Longcostume designer for the original version of “Kevingrowing up with love”, revealed that in the early 90s, she sued the actor for trying to touch her without her consent, and make comments of a sexual nature.

That same year, the costume designer Younjoo Hwang, who worked alongside the actor in “The Grinder”, stated that the actor behaved very aggressively with her, and with other employees of that production: “(Fred) generated a totally hostile work environment” and assured that his behavior was “aggressive, intimidating, and that he constantly insulted many of the female employees.”

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Actor of the series “The Wonder Years” is accused of sexual harassment