Activists ask for the resignation of the mayor accused of a sexual harasser in Hidalgo

Pachuca. Shouting slogans, painting graffiti and placing a doll wrapped in a black bag on the ground to represent a murdered woman, activists from the Colectivo Feminista Hidalguense demonstrated outside the Municipal Presidency of Epazoyucan demanding of the dismissal of Mayor Fidel Arce of PRI extraction.

This after the complaint filed by ldalia YSB, former municipal treasurer of Epazoyucan against Arce for the crimes of threats, abuse of authority and sexual exploitation in its modality of harassment before the Deputy Attorney General’s Office for gender crimes, disappearance of people and social impact of the Prosecutor for Sexual Crimes and Against the Family of the State of Hidalgo

“Fidel stalker, rapist. Not one more!”, “Resign!” These were the slogans that the activists shouted for almost three hours outside the city hall.

They demanded that a care protocol be put in place in favor of the victim, in addition to proceeding against the mayor, given the possibility that he could take action against the integrity of the complainant.

In the complaint, which was recorded with the Unique Folder Number (NUC) 12-2022-05555 dated April 22, 2022, the young woman by profession accountant reported that on January 15, 2021 she received an invitation from Mayor Fidel Arce to to go to work at the Epazoyucan City Council as municipal treasurer.

He pointed out that he had already known him for a long time through mutual friends and that on January 20, 2021 he went to work, without anything extraordinary happening in the first weeks of his work.

But the sexual harassment began on February 26 of that same year, at the Las Palmas de Pachuca restaurant, where the mayor had summoned some people to deal with council matters and to whom Idalia went in her capacity as treasurer.

There, taking advantage of the delay of the people mentioned, Fidel Arce “became romantic” and began courting his employee, whom he said was a very beautiful and interesting woman and to whom he proposed to go out with him and “that it would be very fun hanging out with your treasurer.

Idalia rejected the proposal; She told him that she was not looking to establish any relationship, much less have an affair with her boss, to which the mayor asked her to think about it.

On that occasion, the mayor took one of her hands several times, but she immediately withdrew it, asking him not to do so.

In the end, the people who had been summoned never came. Scared, and for having left her truck at the municipal presidency.

On the phone, after telling her what had happened, her friend Gitzel GSB went for her to the restaurant and freed her from the mayor.

From that moment on, the harassment became more frequent, since according to the victim, the mayor called him on the phone without any business matter; he would go into his office and lock the door behind him, after which he would call her “my pretty.”

Even the mayor began to persecute her. According to the complaint, she went to the restaurants where the young woman went to eat, even with friends.

In the following months, the harassment, threats and insults not only from the mayor but even from one of Arce’s secretaries forced her to go to the Municipal Palace on March 17, accompanied by Notary Public 11 of Pachuca, to hand in her resign and make the delivery receipt, which he had already tried to do previously.

Despite that, two weeks ago he went back to look for her, so he decided to file the complaint.

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Activists ask for the resignation of the mayor accused of a sexual harasser in Hidalgo