Activision Blizzard asks its shareholders to vote against a report on harassment and discrimination

Controversy continues within Activision Blizzard following the sexual harassment lawsuit that has smeared the company’s name. Now the company is asking shareholders to vote against a report that makes harassment and discrimination visible.

Activision Blizzard’s reputation has plummeted after his unfortunate actions after having met the toxic work culture that existed in many of its teams led by the sexual harassment and discrimination against female workers.

It seems that the company was making some serious decisions to try to improve its image, but again, some board decisions cloud the situation again. Why this time?


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Well, as reported Axiosnext June 21, the company will hold an annual meeting of shareholders in which 5 different proposals will be voted on. The board has already asked that three be approved and that two receive votes against.

The three that seek to be approved would be the election of its directors, the approval of executive compensation and the ratification of the company’s public accounting firm.

However, the board recommends a vote against of the “appointment of a representative director of the workers” and of “preparing a report on the company’s efforts to prevent abuse, harassment and discrimination.”

This latest proposal submitted by the New York State Common Retirement Fund establishes that Activision Blizzard must prepare an annual public report.

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this must describe and quantify the effectiveness and results of the company’s efforts to prevent abuse, harassment, and discrimination against protected classes of employees. There are already several clarified points such as:

The total number and total dollar amount of disputes resolved by Activision Blizzard related to sexual abuse, harassment or discrimination or reduce the average time it takes to resolve complaints related to this matter.

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However, and as we already mentioned, it seems that the board of Activision Blizzard does not see these measures with too many good eyes and it says like this:

First, the Board believes that rather than divert energy and resources to create another report, we should continue to respond directly to employee concerns. Focusing our full attention on these concerns is the best way to quickly and effectively create genuine change in our workplace.

Second, the proposed report itself, even if completed after significant time and expense, would create a set of metrics that are simply not the best measures of how the Company is responding to employee concerns.

The proposal is based, in part, on an unsubstantiated and, we believe, inaccurate and materially exaggerated assessment of hypothetical liability calculated by an attorney in a filing made on behalf of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

As we said, it is not the only controversy that the company has had to face in recent days. The ex-workers of Blizzard Versailles win the case for the dismissals that caused the closure of the studio.

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Activision Blizzard asks its shareholders to vote against a report on harassment and discrimination